Catholic Religious Costumes Saints Who Were Queens


Our Catholic history is brimming with Saints who were called to serve their countries as royal leaders. What a unique vocation!

The possibilities for costumes for these Saintly leaders are endless.

V Saint Clotilde Queen of France V Saint Dymphna Daughter of a Pagan Irish King  V Saint Elisabeth of Hungary Queen  V Saint Elizabeth Queen of Portugal 

V Saint Helena Empress V Saint Hedwig – Jadwiga Queen of Poland  V Saint Jeanne de Valois  V Saint Margaret of Scotland

We invite you to explore the brief biographies below of each Saint.

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The Royal Saints Costumes Fit for a Queen
saint20clotilde-5795885Saint Clotilde Queen of France

This saintly queen was married at a young age to King Clovis, who she converted to Christianity. They had three sons and after the death of the King, the sons fought constantly.  Wishing to have peace in her life, she retired to Tours where she spent the rest of her days feeding the poor and caring for the sick. Read More

burgundy20and20gold20renaissance20with20hoop-9085057Renaissance Queen

A beautiful burgundy and gold hooped gown fit for a queen! Costume features a long burgundy dress with a hoop, gold trim, a belt, and a shrug with stand up collar and poof bell sleeves. Beautiful enough to use for family parties and special events!

saint20dymphna20costume-6613228Saint Dymphna Daughter of a Pagan Irish King – This well loved saint and patroness was born to a pagan king in Ireland and his beautiful wife who sadly died.  Dymphna was exceptionally beautiful as well, but she desired only to live as a virgin dedicated to Christ and to that end she was secretly baptized. Her pagan father looked on her exceptional beauty and decided that she would be his next wife. She refused and her father cut off her head. Read More king20queen20robe-8347008

Royal Robe!

Make your own costume by combining this robe with an inexpensive crown and long dress of any color.


royal20queen20costume20small-9511367Save time with this  Royal Queen Costume

The dress is so beautiful you’ll want to save it for Christmas! (without the cape and crown, perhaps)

saint20elizabeth20of20hungary-9078144Saint Elisabeth of Hungary Queen This kind hearted queen was betrothed to Louis of Thuringia in their infancy. Through her childhood, she grew in piety and the couple married when she was just 14 and in their happy marriage, she bore three children. Under spiritual direction she tried to become one with the poor and dressed very simply to feed the hundreds who came to her gate. Soon her husband was killed during the Crusades and his family looked on her charity as foolish squandering. They mistreated her and eventually threw her out. She spent the remainder of her days as a Franciscan tending to the sick in a little hospital. Read More golden20maiden20child-4105949Maiden Queen

renaissaince20princess20girl20costume-1233963A beautiful costume to portray any of the Saintly Queens. Features a gold and white dress with long sheer sleeves with ruffled cuffs, and a brocade bodice. A matching headpiece is also included.  If you want a veiled look, just tuck a yard of muslin under the headband. Or add a crown! Again, this is a dress that can be worn for special occasions throughout the year.

You might also like the purple Saint Elizabeth at right.

saint20elizabeth20of20portugal-5613340Saint Elizabeth Queen of Portugal Named for her great aunt, Saint Elisabeth of Hungary, this saintly queen dedicated her life to the poor and established orphanages and shelters for the homeless. Legend has it that her husband, King Diniz, forbade her to give to the poor and so she took to hiding bread in her apron. On one cold January day he confronted her and demanded to see what she had hidden there. She replied that she had roses, and praying for the poor, she opened her apron to reveal roses.  Not even wondering how she found them in the middle of winter, he left her alone. Read More lady20marian20child-6098431

A Queen in Service of Mary

A queenly costume at left. Add a yard of muslin – or save and use a piece of an old sheer curtain – to create a veil. Add an inexpensive crown for a completely royal look. This costume includes satin dress with insert, brocade and gold trim and a faux gem. A blue and gold headpiece is also included.

Pictured at right is a peasant type dress. Add a crown and fill the queen’s apron with roses! Available at

ssaint20helena-3321542Saint Helena Empress

This truly royal saint was the mother of Saint Constantine. After her conversion to Christianity, she was a great supporter of the Church and built many churches in Rome and in the Holy Land. Despite her famous motherhood, she is most know for her pilgrimage on which she discovered the True Cross. Read More

red20and20gold20queen20ch20ild-1339236Royal Red Queen

A Saintly Queen who rules with kindness! This costume consists of a red and gold velvet fabric with gold embroidery and puffed shoulders. The costume also comes with a gold tiara and gold star-tipped scepter.

Expensive? Nope! Only $28.95

queen20jadwiga-1308215Saint Hedwig – Jadwiga Queen of Poland Holiness seems to run in families. Queen Hedwig was the aunt of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Married to Prince Henry I of Silesia at the age of 12, she had seven children. Devoted to the poor, she spent much of her time personally caring for the sick and founding hospitals. When her husband died, she gave away her fortune and entered a monastery. Read More Regal Queen regal20queen20child-6800099This royal costume consists of a purple and gold dress. The dress is ankle-length and features laced sleeves, padded shoulders and a laced front.
saint20jeanne20de20valois-4517987Saint Jeanne de Valois The daughter of one king – Louis XI and the wife of another, this saintly woman suffered more humiliation in her life than most of us can imagine. She was born sickly and deformed and in disgust, her father sent her away to live in solitude without any of the most basic comforts. She turned to God for her solace and is said to have experienced visions of the Blessed Virgin. Eventually, for political expediency, she was forced to marry Louis Duke of Orleans who became King Louis XII. She was devoted to him and endowed him with virtues that he did not possess and when he was imprisoned, she offered her own sufferings for his freedom. She was repaid with a public annulment and in humiliation before all of France, was sent away. She accepted her suffering and eventually founded the Order of Annuncionades, dedicated to prayer and the imitation of the virtues of Mary. Read More Baroness Saint

child20baroness20costume-8634332A beautiful and subdued gown perfect for depicting a Baroness, Princess or Queen who would become a Saint.

Beautiful full-length velvet, taffeta dress with gold mesh ruffle trim and feather plum headpiece.

saint20margaret20of20scotland-5077251Saint Margaret of Scotland Margaret was an English princess. She and her mother sailed to Scotland to escape from the king who had conquered their land. King Malcolm of Scotland welcomed them and fell in love with the beautiful princess. Margaret and Malcolm soon married. Although he was a kind man, he and the members of his court were rough in manner with many bad habits. Recognizing how gentle and wise his queen was, he followed her example and the entire court became more genteel. The couple provided a good example for their people by praying together and personally feeding the poor. They had eight children, one of whom became Saint David. Read More  Renaissance Maiden Queen

21-4A beautiful yet simple Saintly Queen!

Features a sequined bodice and headpiece with veiling.

Only $29.34

Renaissance Queen

saint20costume20renaissance20queen-7396987This Juliet-style Renaissance Costume dress features royal blue velvet headpiece and  dress with gold trim and white bodice.

Perfect for any Saintly Queen Costume or for the Blessed Mother Queen of Heaven.

The headpiece pictured is not exactly like the headpiece that comes with the dress – it’s not a “rolled” headpiece, it’s flat.

White and Gold Royal Costume

gold20ivory20renaissance-8615829This is such a beautiful costume and the best part is that it is a chaste dress that your daughter can wear elsewhere.

Features a long gold and white dress with gold embroidery on the bodice and sleeves. Sheer gold material drapes the bottom of the dress and flows from the sleeves. A butterfly sits on the waist. A henna roll headpiece with butterfly and veil and a butterfly wand with ribbon are also included

Saintly Queen

renaissance20queen20costume-7951284What a stunning costume for a Saintly Queen!

Velvet and chiffon with amazing detailed embroidery.

Includes headpiece.

Looks expensive, but it’s only $39!

Blue Velvet Queen Costume

blue20velvet20maiden20princess-2545660This exceptional blue velvet costume comes not only in children’s sizes, but is available for toddlers, too!

Think about adding a veil and using it as a costume for Our Lady – the Queen of all Queens!

Only $39!

Rose Colored Princess

rose20princess20child-5661151A beautiful rose colored princess gown.

The costume features a long pink dress with fiber optic twinkle skirt and a crown. The dress is trimmed in gold and has a gold filigree insert on the bodice. A pink rose with gold ribbon are placed on the waist

Regal Princess

regal20princess20child-2533954This Regal Princess Costume that is truly fit for a royal. The costume features a long, off the shoulder lavender dress with purple and green and gold accents.

Toddler Size Princess

cinderella20toddler-8088780This beautiful toddler size princess gown will fit most toddlers size 2T – 4T

An incredible multilayered gown in sparkly blue with marabou trim

Also available in child sizes

White and Violet Princess Gown

rainbow20princess20child-2301784An absolutely beautiful white and violet gown for any Saintly Princess or Queen. Features gold embroidery, puffed shoulders on long sleeves and a chiffon overlay at the bottom.

Shorter Princess or Queen Gown

princess20luciana-7729960No more worries about tripping on longer gowns! This licensed Princess Lucianna gown is simply beautiful and one that your daughter can wear to other events. A purple and lavender dress with gold trim.

Pink Princess

junior20pink20princess-5941499A beautiful pink princess with medieval headdress.

Long pink dress with gold trim, soft underside fabric, stretch back panel for easy on and off and a matching cone style hat

Pink Rose Princess

pink20and20lavender20rose20princess-1203590Costume includes a pink and lavender dress trimmed with ribbons and florets and is made from a satiny material and tulle. Includes a crown of roses with veil

Royal Purple and Burgundy

gothic20princess-7952232A beautiful medieval style gown for a Queen or Princess. Features a head piece with a purple drape. Ankle length dress features velvet trim

Princess Wig and Tiara

rincess20wig20and20tiara-2741173A Saintly Queen or Princess with beautifully coifed hair and a sparkling tiara.

Princess Wig and Tiara Blonde

princess20wig20and20tiara20blonde-6999550A beautiful queen or princess wig in blonde with sparkling tiara crown.

Royal Red Queen Crown

red20royal20queen20crown-5338466Gold foil crown with red velvet-textured velour and white ruffle trim

Queen’s Crown

queens20crown20child-9678669Red and gold crown with marabou trim and a faux gemstone

Royal Scepter

royal20scepter20qeen-8012517A scepter will give any Queen or Princess an air of authority – but she will know that the authority comes only from the King of Kings!

Sparkling Scepter

sparkle20scepter-2482287A sparkling scepter in silver or gold

22″ long



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