Priest Friar Monk Costumes

I hope you’ll encourage your son to dress up like one of the many Saintly priests.  Children learn by playing, and often when they grow up, they’ll become that model they imitated as a child.

Whether your child has to dress as a Saint for an All Saints Day school presentation – or if your church group wants to put on a play – I’ve put together this page of links to affordable costumes for children and adults.

Affordable means different things to different people.  This year I’ve built a page to show you how to make your own costumes, even if you can’t sew.

There’s no need to pack them away when the show is over. Why not keep them out to celebrate Name Days? Invite family and friends over for a special “dress up dinner”.

Countless American Priests that we know spent many hours “playing Mass.”  I can’t help but wonder how many vocations were inspired by that holy childhood playtime.

Please read my suggestions before you email me.

Make Your Own Costume


Do all of your children’s friends need costumes, too? Why not arrange a fun afternoon and invite everyone over for a make your own costume day.

Even if you can’t sew, you can do it! And if you can sew, boy, you’ll be a very popular mom!

It seems that everyone is busy these days.

Sometimes too busy to spend time doing projects with their children.

 Why not plan an afternoon just for making a special costume. 

At the left is our son at age 7 in his homemade Saint Blaise costume.

An easy to make Bishop’s mitre made of felt over poster board and a felt tunic with glue on cross were the trickiest pieces.

His “cassock” was Mom’s black sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up.

A white turtleneck provided the clerical collar.

We did it and you can do it, too!

 Instructions here.  More below!

Saints Who Were Priests and Friars

There are so many of them, almost too many to count, but here are a few of the most popular

don20bosco-1748925Saint John Bosco

Also known as Don Bosco – was the founder of the Salesians.  He dedicated his life to saving the souls of the wretched poor who got into all sorts of trouble. On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, while vesting for Mass, he heard the sacristan driving off a street urchin in most unpleasant tones. He intervened and that boy became one of his first pupils in the oratory he would build. Don Bosco was also known for his dreams which revealed the dangerous condition of the boys’ souls and consequently brought many to confession.

saint20benedict20with20raven-3352138Saint Benedict 

lived in a time, like ours, when the world seemed to be going crazy. No one, it seemed, really cared too much about the Catholic faith. He gathered up the documents that would preserve our traditions and went into the desert to live cave as a hermit for two years.  Soon others followed him and he eventually founded an order of monks known as the Benedictines. He was very serious about the rules, and eventually some of the monks tried to kill him with poison. Once they gave him poison wine, but when he blessed it, the goblet shattered so he could not drink it. Another time they gave him poison bread, but a raven came and snatched it away. His special holy medal refers to this treachery and part of the Latin is addressed to the devil and tells him to “drink the poison yourself!”

image20saint20francis20of20assisi-7370252Saint Francis of Assisi

 is one of the best loved of all saints. He was raised as a wealthy young man and soon gave away all he owned to help the poor in the Name of Jesus. He loved poverty and his habit is often shown with patches because it was so threadbare. He was a humble saint who loved animals. Saint Francis also bore the stigmata, the wounds of Christ. Saint Francis founded an order of mendicant friars who begged for the poor and for all their needs. If your son chooses to honor this great saint, please think about wearing the least costly costume you can find or make and donate what you might have spent to the Franciscan Friars.

image20saint20anthony20of20padua-1572330Saint Anthony of Padua

 is also known as the Wonder Working Saint. Following the tradition of the Franciscans, this Saint served the poor and in thanks for favors granted, many take part in the tradition known as St. Anthony’s Bread – donations given to buy bread for the poor.  Today blessed bread is sold to help the poor and a small piece is saved as a sacramental to keep in times of illness or danger. Saint Anthony had a vision of the Infant Jesus and is often shown holding Him. He is the Patron Saint of things that are lost and Catholics often write + SAG on letters – Saint Anthony Guide.

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

also known as Padre Pio, was also a Franciscan of the Capuchin Order. Like Saint Francis, Saint Pio bore the Wounds of Christ.  He usually kept his hands covered with gloves.  Saint Pio was a famous confessor who had the ability to read souls in order to help them come to full reconciliation in Christ.

Below you will find altar server gloves to use.

john20vianney20costume-9704291Saint John Vianney

 also known as the Cure of Ars, is the patron saint of Parish Priests. He endured many battles with the devil and was also known for hearing confessions many long hours each day. 

Over his black cassock, he wore a special lace surplice called a rochette and a purple stole, like the one your own parish priest wears while hearing confessions.

Authentic Altar Server Vestments – Perfect for Priest Costumes That Fit

With the exception of the white collar worn by seminarians and priests, altar server vestments are “priests in miniature”. While these are certainly more costly than some costumes, there are benefits. They will last longer and can be passed along to the next child. And, if your pastor agrees (ONLY if your pastor agrees) you can donate them for use at Holy Mass. These vestments are from our partner Aquinas and More. If you call them, please mention Catholic Home and Garden for express handling.

altar20server20cassock-4581833Black Altar Server Cassock

Snap Front

Priest Costume

Add a piece of white felt as a collar.

65% Polyester/35% Cotton.

Made in the U.S.A.

Surplice (white over-garment) sold separately.

View sizes and prices


Black Altar Server Cassock

Button Front

Priest Costume

Add a piece of white felt as a collar.

 65% Polyester/35% Cotton.

Made in the U.S.A.

Surplice (white over-garment) sold separately.

View sizes and prices

White Square Neck Surplice

Priest Costume

Round out your priest costume with an authentic surplice.

View sizes and prices




Red Altar Server Cassock

Snap Front

Cardinal or Bishop Costume

Add a piece of white felt as a collar.

65% Polyester/35% Cotton.

Made in the U.S.A.

Surplice (white over-garment) sold separately.

View sizes and

Red Altar Server Cassock

Button Front

Cardinal or Bishop Costume

Add a piece of white felt as a collar.

65% Polyester/35% Cotton.

Made in the U.S.A.

Surplice (white over-garment) sold separately.

View sizes and prices

Authentic Rope Cinctures

for Priest, Cardinal, Pope or Friar Costumes





View color choices and prices

white20cassock20pope20costume-2256703White Altar Server Cassock

Snap Front

Pope Costume

Add a piece of white felt as a collar.

65% Polyester/35% Cotton.

Made in the U.S.A.

Surplice (white over-garment) sold separately.

View sizes and prices

white20cassock20pope20costume-2256703White Altar Server Cassock

Button Front

Pope Costume

Add a piece of white felt as a collar.

65% Polyester/35% Cotton.

Made in the U.S.A.

Surplice (white over-garment) sold separately.

View sizes and prices

White Altar Server Gloves

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Costume


View sizes and prices

And, of course, you will need blood for the stigmata

Buy Now


front20wrap20cassock20alb20priest20pope20costume-6477832Front Wrap Cassock Alb Pope Costume

Dominican Saints

Perfect for a Pope or you can add a cape for a Dominican Saint. Made of a durable and easy to care for 100% polyester linen weave. Pure White. Red and white cotton cinctures are included with each alb. Features Velcro closure.

View sizes and prices




deluxe20hooded20alb20priest20monk20costume-3997431Hooded Alb

Perfect for Priest, Pope or Friar Costume

Easy care polyester. Pull over style. Cincture sold separately

View sizes 





lightweight20alb20priest20monk20costume-8876878Lightweight Altar Server Alb

Excellent for Pope or Priest Costumes

This server alb features tailored pocket openings, inverted back pleat, raglan sleeves, lined and inverted capuche, with 23 inch front zipper. It can be worn with or without a cincture. One each, red and white cincture, included with each alb

View sizes and prices




dominican20saint20costume20monk-5267116Ready Made Costumes and New Ways of Thinking About Ready Made

 The truth is there isn’t a huge market for tiny priest and monk costumes, so most costume manufacturers don’t make them.

You need to improvise.

For example, a Dominican or Carmelite Saint Costume could be made with any type of white or off-white gown type garmen

Deluxe Renaissance Monk Robe


It doesn’t get much better than this. Custom made for a boy’s size and based on a museum piece

View or Buy Now


Both Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Anthony of Padua were mendicant monks – they embraced poverty and begged for their needs.


This inexpensive costume is perfect for use as a traditional cassock. It’s slightly Asian closure lends it well to depicting the martyrs in the Church in Asia.  It’s original use is for something called Shadow Master. We’re not sure what that is and suggest you forget that aspect. Just look at the potential for under $25.

Add a red cape used for vampire costumes – tuck in the collar – and you have a Cardinal or St. John Neumann! Add a lace surplice made of old curtains and voila! Saint John Vianney



Although this is a costume for a shepherd, you can use it as a monk robe or pair with a cape for a Carmelite or Dominican Saint Costume

View or Buy Now

all20saints20day20monk20costume-6747595Is This Saint Joseph? Or Is It Saint John of the Cross?

Here is another alternative. Use with or without the long vest or add a cape with or without a hood.

YOU decide what this saint costume is!

View or Buy Now

Economy Gowns! Only $7.95

Just a simple gown that won’t break the bank – YOU add the details. Available in off white, brown, black, red (for a Cardinal) and other colors.

View or Buy Now

Saint Francis?

Saint Anthony?

Here is a costume for Jawa – whatever that is – but take off the creepy mask and belts and voila! Instant Friar Saint Costume! (and a creepy one for later … if he must)

View or Buy Now

Yes, It Can Be

Saint Benedict!

 This is a simple economy cape that is quite long but also quite cheap – so just snip to fit.

Only $15

View or Buy Now

Child Sized Cape 2 Sizes CHEAP!

View or Buy Now

27″ ONLY $9.95

36″ ONLY $10.95


You might not think of a hat as a necessity for a Priest or Monk, but think again


Saint Damien of Molokai is one of the most recent heavenly helpers who suffered for Christ among the lepers.

He is always depicted with his “padre” type hat.

Child-Size Padre Hat

View Prices or Purchase

Classic Padre Hat

This classic Padre Hat is reminiscent of old time priests and is another option Buy Now

Bishop’s Hat in Red

You asked for it and we found it!

A Bishop’s hat with jewels!

Bishop or Pope Hat

You know you can make this yourself, but if you refuse to try, here it is

Bishops Hat and Stole

Now you’ll be ready to confirm everyone in the All Saints Day parade!

Papal Zucchetto

To keep the holy head warm!

If you’re going to be a Priest, you might as well wear a biretta!  Perfect for a Saint John Bosco Costume!

You can also make one by forming a cylinder of black felt.  Draw up four corners and top with a pompom.

Check here for another discount source for a biretta

Deluxe Monk Cowl

Got a robe and just need the hood?

View or Buy Now

Renaissance Papal Jewels 

A few pieces for added authenticity – and Mom can wear them afterwards!

Chain of Office with Cross

A chain of office is a collar or heavy chain, usually of gold, worn as insignia of office, a mark of fealty, or indicative of a fraternal association in Europe from the Middle Ages onwards. This chain of office features 19 metal filigree plaques with glass gems and an ornate renaissance cross pendant with ruby red glass gems. Overall length 30″.

View Detail – Buy Now

Bishop’s Cross

This cross is probably of “Italian” design and was worn by the upper middle class and the Clergy during the Renaissance. It measures 3-1/4 by 2-1/4″. Cast in pewter. Made in USA.

View Details – Buy Now

Northumberland Ring Cross Pendant

This cross style is based upon the relics of an Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian saint. With blue crystal inset. Made in England of fine English Pewter. Includes nickle-free chain.

Pendant approximately 1.5″ x 1.5″

View Detail – Buy Now

Make Your Own Saint Costume 

It’s a lot easier than you might think

Easy to Make – Low Cost Friar Costume

You might not think you can make a friar costume, but it’s so easy. You’ll just need a couple of yards of brown or black fabric and some rope. You’ll be amazed. Click on the image at left to enlarge. Please no direct linking.

How to Make a Lace Surplice Rochette and Stole

This is so amazingly easy!  You can use an old lace curtain or table cloth. Click the image at left to enlarge. Please! No direct links.

The smaller image is an actual lace surplice like the one St. John wore. Click it to view the details.

Beautiful Ecclesial Brocade Fabric

for Making a Stole

Richly stitched with Cross motifs, scrolls, flowers and hearts, this is the perfect fabric to make a stole. Other colors available, too.  Buy Here

Iron On Appliqué Cross


Easy iron on Cross to add to the bottom of a stole. Other styles are available, too.Buy Here

We found a source for beautiful brocade that is embellished with Crosses, scrolls and floral motifs.


They also offer a wide range of iron on Crosses in different colors and sizes as well as religious vestment trims. You can buy them here


This Bishop’s Cape is so easy to make. You’ll find instructions for this at The Saint Nicholas Center.

Make your own hat, too!

Downloadable instructions

Adult and Large Sized Boy Priest Cardinal and Pope Costumes 

Because you’re never too old to dress up like St. John Neumann, Saint Pius X (my favorite) or even Blessed Pope John Paul II

Cardinal Costume

This Prince of the Church has gold trim on the vestment, sash, caplet and cape.


White Pope Costume in Adult Size

Poly ponte gown, capelet and cap


Deluxe Bishop Costume

Includes long sleeved gown, chasuble, sash and hat

Ceremonial Pope or Bishop Costume

Includes the gown, chasuble, stole and hat. The chasuble and hat are made with a gold metallic brocade fabric. The hat is also decorated with gold metallic trim and gold stones. The stole is made of a blue poly satin fabric. I know this is a costume, but honestly, it’s nicer than many of the awful vestments I’ve seen lately!


Adult Pope Costume

Ever want to look like the head of the Catholic Church? Here’s your chance! Includes: Long white under robe with gold buttons, lame & faux brocade & Gold trim, detachable clerical collar, lame capelet, waist sash, and matching mitre hat.


Pope Costume Kit

Only $14.99!

Add your own robe (see this page)  and you’ll have an affordable Pope Costume! Includes white hat with gold trim, stole with gold crosses  and gold tasseled trim, and a golden robe belt.

Cardinal or Pope Costume

Costume includes: White Under Robe with gold metallic trim and detachable clerical collar. Velvet Over Tunic with detachable neck stole pieces and Miter Hat.


Deluxe Bishop Costume

Even thought it’s “deluxe” it’s only $39.99.

This Adult Deluxe Bishop Costume includes: A deluxe double knit black gown with red accents, a red waist sash, and a red bishop’s hat.

Budget Pope Costume  Only $29.99.

If you have white hair, it will really be hard to tell you apart!


Priest Collar

Turn any ordinary suit into a Priest Costume

Only $4.77!


Plus Size Priest Costume

This Adult Plus Priest Costume includes: A black full length polyester robe with clerical collar. The hat, glasses and cross are not included.  Available sizes: 42″ to 50″ chest


Seminarian Costume

What a bargain!

Only $17.97!

Full length black robe with white collar.


Priest Shirt Front

This Priest shirt front is an easy way to become a modern day priest.

Only $11.95

Turn any black shirt or sweatshirt into a priest costume!  Whether you want to be a diocesan Priest in shirt and black slacks – or a traditional priest in cassock using a robe or mom’s sweatshirt as in the photo at the top of the page, this is so inexpensive!


Priest Shirt

Only $19.99

A Heavenly Bound Outfit! Perfect for portraying any of the priestly saints. Priest Adult Shirt includes a black short sleeve shirt with the white collar inside. Velcro closure.


Cyber Priest

We love the look of this priest costume. Sort of like Neo from the Matrix – but we all know that Priests are the real heroes these days. This costume is of heavy duty fabric and includes button front coat. Hat, cross, and sunglasses are sold separately.

Seminarian Costume

Only $19.99!

Why pay more?

You, too, can look like a holy seminarian or priest in this economy cassock for under $20


Adult Monk Costume

Perfect for Saint Benedict

This one comes in an adult size, but it is perfect for taller boys, too. Just trim to size – hem – or use our favorite “no sew” method – duct tape!

Only $19.97!


Monk Robe

Although this is in an adult size, it’s only $19.99 so snip to fit!


Benedictine Monk Costume

This is perfect for Saint Benedict or any Benedictine Monk.  Please disregard the dopey sword and “doomsday” title.



Medieval Monk

New this year, this Medieval Monk Costume includes the robe, hood and the belt


This monk robe is a bit more substantial.

Great for adults or taller boys.

Or … snip to fit


Brown Hooded Monk

Full length vestment with rope belt. Under $30 so you won’t mind snipping to fit if need be!


Friar Tuck Costume

Perfect for Saint Francis of Assisi or Saint Anthony of Padua — or any of your favorite friars

Heavy cotton twill make this a durable costume to depict any Saint from Saint Francis, Saint Anthony, or Saint Benedict.


Discount Monk Costume

Only $19.97!

This discount Monk costume is perfect for snipping to fit a child.


Monk Robe

Now on sale!

This one comes in your choice of black or brown. Heavy hooded robe with rope belt.

Renaissance Monk’s Robe

The monk’s robe is a full length linen garment. It comes with sisal rope belt. The hood is full and the face can be easily hidden for for devotions in the folds. The garment is authentic in all ways but the rough texture. One size fits most.

View or Buy Now

Renaissance Monk

This is absolutely one of our favorites for authenticity.

It’s a little more costly at just under $100, but you can use it to portray Saint Dominic or any of the Carmelite monks.

Brown poly suede cloth gown and hood. Natural color poly cotton over tunic with grosgrain ribbon trim. Includes rope sash.

A simple 9″ cross to accessorize your costume.

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