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Catholic Religious Costumes

For Military and Warrior Saints

Our Catholic history is bursting with Saints who served their countries and the Kingdom of God as Warriors.


V Saint Michael the Archangel V Saint George the Dragon Slayer V Saint Joan of Arc V Martyrs of Armorian V Pope Zachary V Saints Ursus and Victor V Saint Theophilus the Younger V Saint Sebastian V Saint Santius (Sancho) V Saint Nicholas Von de Flue V Saint Maurice and Companions V Saint Martin of Tours V Saint Louis V Saint Longinus V Saint Ladislas V Saint Julius The Veteran V Saint Jules V Saint Jerome Emiliani V Saint Henry V Saint Ignatius of Loyola V Saint Guibert V Saint Candidus and Companions V Saint Edmund V Saint Camillus de Lelis V Saint Barbara V Saint Anthemius V Saint Acasius VSaint Julian of Brioude


First and foremost is Saint Michael the Archangel. Who isn't familiar with Saint George the Dragon Slayer or the brave and daring Saint Joan of Arc? What Catholic child isn't captivated by the stories of the Crusaders?

Many of the Military Saint profiles were taken from the excellent website Catholics in the Military.  Please visit their site to learn more about how you can pray for and support our modern day Catholic Warriors. It is certainly not politically correct to say so, but can there be any doubt that we are now in the midst of a Holy War? Even if we don't call it that - our enemies do.  We invite you to explore the very affordable costumes presented here as well as some military and warrior saints you might not be too familiar with.

Saint Michael the Archangel

God's most powerful warrior - next to Mary!

He fights the most awful enemy of all - the devil.

He is the champion of all God's people.

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See Our Angel Costume Page for Saint Michael's Wings


Any Warrior Saint will be ready to battle the forces of evil in this fierce costume.

Includes: Tunic, Body Armor, Cape, Should Guard, Helmet, Wrist Bands, Shin Guards.

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Saint Joan of Arc was a brave young woman who was a warrior saint. She heard voices from Saint Michael among others and by following their call to fight for the faith, she became head of the French army. Girls can select any of the warrior costumes to represent Saint Joan. Read more

For France and the Faith!

This silver tunic is a great choice for a Saint Joan of Arc costume - or any warrior saint. Includes: jumpsuit with faux armor and faux chain mail sleeves, vacuform chest piece, pair of shoulder guards, and helmet with moveable faceplate.

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Saint George the Dragon Slayer

George was born in Cappadocia (eastern Turkey) of Christian parents. Following his father’s death, George was taken by his mother to her native land of Palestine. Here the young man entered the Roman Army, rising to the rank of tribune. When the Roman emperor Diocletian began a fierce persecution of Christianity, George relinquished all his military titles, protesting directly to the emperor against his brutal edicts. For his courage, George was immediately imprisoned and subjected to tortures in a fruitless effort to shake his resolve. The following day, he was paraded through the streets and beheaded. There is a legend that while in the Roman Army George came to the rescue of a “damsel in distress”. Mounting his horse, the young soldier, after making the sign of the cross, struck down and slew a dragon that was threatening to devour the girl. Hence George is conventionally depicted on horseback trampling a dragon. The maiden is depicted kneeling nearby, praying for her hero as he risks his life to save her. George is the patron saint of England. An account of Saint George appearing in a vision at the Crusaders’ victorious battle for Antioch in 1098 led to him becoming a popular patron among men in military service.

Ready to Fight for the Faith!

The perfect costume for Saint George! Just add a plastic dragon for your son to impale!  Outfit includes a Grey tunic with faux chain-mail sleeves and screen-printed dragon emblem, Grey gloves and faux chain-mail hood. Black boot covers also included

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Saint Sebastian

Martyr (+286) [Jan 20]
Sebastian, of Milan, Italy, went to Rome to become a soldier with the intent of assisting the martyrs suffering there under the Roman persecutions. When two of the arrested Christians, the brothers Marcus and Marcellianus, were in danger of wavering in the profession of their faith, Sebastian passionately exhorted them to remain steadfast. As he spoke, a woman named Zoe with a speech impediment, moved by his words, threw herself at his feet. After Sebastian made the sign of the cross upon the woman’s mouth, her speech was miraculously restored. Thereupon Zoe and her husband Nicostratus, along with the parents of Marcus and Marcellianus, the jailer Claudius and sixteen non-Christian prisoners were converted to the faith. Later the Roman governor Chromatius was converted and released Marcus, Marcellianus, and the converted prisoners. The subsequent renewal of the persecution under the emperor Diocletian led to Sebastian being apprehended and sentenced to death. After being shot through with arrows, Sebastian was left for dead by his executioners. A Christian woman named Irene found him alive and nursed his wounds. Sebastian then went to confront the emperor, reprimanding him for his cruelty to the Christians. Astonished that Sebastian was still alive, Diocletian ordered him to be beaten to death with clubs.

This costume is suitable for any brave warrior saint. Some parents might want to get rid of the skull belt - others might want to keep it and explain to your son the need to keep one's death always before your eyes in order to live a good life! Includes helmet, top, pants and belt

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Saint Nicholas Von de Flue

Layman and Hermit (1417-1487) [March 22]
Born in Sachseln, Switzerland, Nicholas and his brother became members of the “Friends of God,” a confraternity to which their devout mother belonged, advocating meditation upon Christ’s passion. A farmer and soldier, Nicholas at the age of thirty married a pious girl, Dorothy Wissling, and the two had ten children. Nicholas’ oldest son recalled his father rising from bed during the night to pray until morning, sometimes going out to visit the village church of Saint Nicholas.

A Friend of God Ready for the Great Battle!

Includes a metallic medieval helmet, and a silver shirt which features a faux armored chest with a shield imprint and a silver sleeves and notched trim, black pants, and matching metallic arm guards.

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Saint Louis

Louis was crowned King of France at the early age of eleven. As a boy of exceptional purity of heart, he approached the coronation rites with deep religious devotion, begging God to confer upon him the graces symbolized by the anointing he received during the ceremony. Louis set out from France for the Crusades, intent upon liberating Christian Palestine from occupation by the Muslim Saracen forces of Egypt. While fighting in Egypt, he was taken prisoner by the Muslim Saracens, who were impressed by his virtue and courage. Obtaining a truce with the Egyptians, Louis, following his release, visited the Christians of Palestine, where his example inspired the conversion to Catholicism of forty Saracens in Acre. Louis returned to France in 1254. When on the journey home his ship ran aground, the king prostrated himself before the Blessed Sacrament in the cabin where it was reserved, thereby averting disaster through his prayers. A particularly brutal attack upon the Christians of the Holy Land led Louis to set out for the Crusades again in 1270. After landing in North Africa near Tunis, he fell victim to a typhus epidemic. When on his deathbed the Viaticum was brought to him, he insisted upon rising from his bed to receive the Eucharist on his knees. He died on August 25, 1270.

Ready to Fight for What's Right! The perfect costume for a King Warrior like Saint Louis

This costume includes: Silver and Black headpiece with cowl, tunic with a dragon crest and boot tops. 

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Saint Maurice and Companions

Martyrs († c. 286) [Sept 22]
While leading a military campaign across western Europe, the Roman Emperor Maximian encamped his troops at what is now Martigny, Switzerland. Here he ordered all the soldiers to offer sacrifices to the pagan gods. Among the troops was a contingent of Egyptian men, the Theban Legion, who were Christians. Knowing that they could not obey this order, as it would be a betrayal of their faith, the Christian soldiers withdrew together from the encampment, taking refuge about eight miles to the north. Maximian repeatedly ordered the Theban legionaries to return and join in the pagan sacrifices, but the Thebans refused. At length Maximian issued against the Theban Legion the terrible sentence of "decimation", the selection of every tenth man for summary execution. The legion remained steadfast, encouraged by their officers, Maurice, Exuperius, and Candidus. When a second round of "decimation" failed to shake the faith of the survivors, Maximian ordered the wholesale slaughter of the entire legion. One source gives the total of those martyred as about six thousand six hundred.

Every Knight Needs The Tools of the Trade

Slay dragons and defeat the enemies of God with this saint costume armor set!

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Saint Martin of Tours

Soldier, [Nov 11]
One winter while on duty in Amiens, France, as a 4th century Roman soldier, Martin, yet a catechumen, came across a beggar barely dressed in rags and freezing in the cold. Moved with compassion, Martin drew his sword and skillfully slashed his own military cloak, giving half to the poorly clad beggar. Later that night in a dream, Christ appeared wearing the same torn cloak Martin had given to the beggar. Thereafter, Martin was fully received into the Catholic Faith, was released from military duty, settled in France, founded the area’s first monastic community, and went on to become Bishop of Tours. Having endured scourging and exile, Martin courageously and continually refuted the Arian heresy and defended the fullness of the gospel. Upon his death in 397, Martin became the patron saint of France. His military cloak became a relic often carried into battle by France’s army. Whenever in the field, a tent was set up to enshrine the relic of St. Martin’s cloak, or “cappa” in Latin, and the priests who were entrusted to care for it were called “cappellani”. Eventually, all those who tended to the spiritual well-being of military personnel became known as “cappellani”, “chapelains” in French, “chaplains” in English. St. Martin of Tours is the patron saint of soldiers and his feast day is November 11.

This Roman Soldier Costume is the right choice for portraying Saint Martin of Tours, Saint Paul or Saint Candidus or any of the warrior saints of the era. Use it later in the year for your school or church Passion Play.

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Saint Longinus

Martyr (1st century) [March 15]

Longinus is the name given by tradition to the Roman soldier who pierced the Savior’s side on the cross with a lance. His conversion to Christianity is said to have resulted from his witnessing the darkness and earthquake accompanying the death of Christ and from the miraculous healing of an eye ailment he suffered from – a healing that occurred when the blood of our Lord running down the lance touched the soldier’s eyes. Afterwards he was catechized by the apostles and took up a monastic life in Caesarea of Cappadocia, converting many others by his words and example. He was subsequently martyred.

Renaissance Saintly Knight

Our Renaissance Knight costume features a blue and yellow tunic with coat of arms, a cowl, belt and pants.


Saint Julius The Veteran

Martyr (+302) [May 27]
Julius, a Roman soldier , was sentenced to death for his Christian faith by the Roman authorities in what is now Bulgaria. As Julius went to his execution, Saint Hesychius, a fellow Christian soldier also facing eminent martyrdom, encouraged him to “go with courage”. He then asked Julius when in heaven to commend him to the martyred soldiers Saint Pasicrates and Valentio , who had died for their faith two days earlier. Julius assured Hesychius that these martyrs were already praying for him.  Before his own beheading, Julius prayed, “Lord Jesus, for whose name I suffer death, vouchsafe to receive my soul in the number of your saints.”

Go Into Battle With Courage!

Includes a faux-chain mail shirt, black pants, chest armor vest, matcing hood and silver boot tops.

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Saint Ladislas

King (c. 1040-1095) [June 27] As king of Hungary, Ladislas was a model of Christian chivalry, courageous in repeatedly defending his country on the battlefield. On one occasion after being wounded he even sped to the rescue of a “damsel in distress.” Having married Adelaide, the daughter of a Bavarian duke, Ladislas was a chaste man of impeccable morals who lived austerely and who recognized the religious and civil freedom of the Jews and Moslems under his rule. Dividing his time between acts of piety and his duties as king, Ladislas worked to reinstate the reforms of his illustrious predecessor on the Hungarian throne, Saint Stephen. The Blessed Pope Urban II enlisted him for the First Crusade to regain Jerusalem, and the kings of France, Spain, and England chose him as their commander–in-chief in this effort. But before he could embark for the Holy Land he suddenly died at the age of fifty-five.

Even Tiny Catholics Will Want to Join the Crusade

This Toddler Sized Medieval Saint costume includes: hooded jumpsuit, black & white tunic with embroidered patch, brown belt, two brown vinyl boot covers, and golden crown

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Saint Jerome Emiliani

(1481-1537) [ February 8]
Jerome was born in 1481, the son of a noble family of Venice, Italy. He was a good soldier and was put in command of Castelnuovo, a fortress high in the Italian mountains. While defending this post from an invasion by the Venetian troops of Maximilian I, he was taken prisoner and thrown into a dungeon. Chained in prison, he began to regret the choices he had made in his life. He was sorry that he had thought so little about God and for wasting several years in immoral living. Jerome promised the Blessed Mother that he would change his life if she would help him escape this imprisonment. His prayers were answered and he escaped to safety. It is said that Jerome, with grateful heart, went straight to a church in Trevisio where he hung his prison chains in front of Mary's altar. Jerome was true to his promise to the Blessed Mother and was eventually ordained a priest in Venice.

Saint Jerome Costume

OK. It's really a Star Wars Anakin Skywalker costume, but it is the perfect look for Saint Jerome! Includes a faux leather tunic featuring an attached brown shirt, pants with attached faux leather boot tops and a distressed belt

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Saint Henry

Emperor (972-1024) [July 31]
After being tutored in his childhood by the bishop Saint Wolfgang, Henry, a native of Bavaria, became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Germany at the age of thirty in 1002.When traveling, it was his custom upon arriving in a town to spend much of the first night there in prayer before the altar of a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom he considered his special patroness. The Mass was the object of his greatest devotion. Henry sometimes found it necessary to defend his subjects in battle. When Barbarian forces ravaged the German diocese of Meersburg, he led his troops to retake the city from the pagan invaders. Being greatly devoted to the angels and saints, he invoked the martyrs Saints Laurence, George and Adrian to protect the men under his command. The day before the battle for Meersburg, Henry had his entire army receive Holy Communion. Loyal to the papacy, the emperor also led his troops into battle against invading Saracen forces in northern Italy that were threatening the Holy See. Henry was married to another saint, Kunegund, the two having agreed to live by vow their entire marriage in perpetual continence. Henry died on July 14 in the year 1024.

King Crusader Saint Costume

Our King Crusader is ready to take on any enemy to protect his people and expand his kingdom for the Glory of God. Includes red tunic with gold emblem on chest and mesh-like sleeves and trim at waist, mesh-like hood with attached gold colored crown, and black boot tops with mesh-like trim

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Saint Jules

Martyr († c.302) [May 27]

Jules was a veteran of the Roman army and a victim of the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian. His twenty-six years of military service did not save him from martyrdom by the sword in Dorostorus on the Danube, when he refused to deny his faith.


Barbarians Beware!

Toddler sized costume includes a tunic top, featuring a faux chain mail hood and a shield-shaped white crest on the chest. Black pants are also included in this saintly ensemble.

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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

A native of Azpeitia, Spain, Ignatius had embarked on a life of knighthood when at the age of thirty he was gravely wounded in battle by canon fire. While recuperating, he read the medieval writer Ludolph of Saxony’s Life of Christ and an abridged edition of the medieval collection of saints’ lives known as The Golden Legend. These works inspired him to set aside his chivalrous dreams of serving a young lady of the Spanish court, dedicating himself instead to the service of God. He was confirmed in his resolution when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him with the Christ Child in her arms.

The Life of a Knight to Fight for God's Glory

Includes helmet with weathered details, royal shield, arm gauntlets, sword and armored chain mail shirt.

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Saint Edmund

King and Martyr (840-870) [Nov 20] On Christmas Day of 855, Edmund at the age of fifteen was crowned king of England’s West-Saxons. Devout and humble, the young prince spent a year in retirement from the world in order to memorize the Psalms and thus be able to recite them regularly throughout the day. In 870, Danish barbarian raiders invaded Edmund’s kingdom after ravaging much of northern England, where they had destroyed churches and monasteries and had slaughtered numerous priests and religious. Edmund led his small army into battle against the invaders.  However, his forces were vastly outnumbered. The king wished to forestall fruitless bloodshed that he feared would only send the souls of the enemy soldiers to hell.  Therefore, he withdrew in the hope of a peaceful settlement.  When, however, the Danes offered him terms offensive to Christianity and to the rights of his people, Edmund refused to accept them, and was captured by the raiders.  Binding him to a tree, the Danes beat and scourged Edmund, and then shot him with numerous arrows before beheading him.

Saintly Warrior King Costume

This is a premium costume that you might want to save if you have several sons.

The costume includes a red tunic with attached sleeves and coat of arms, a cowl and a cape

Click the link below to learn about wholesale pricing

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Saint Barbara

The tale of Barbara, one of the most popular saints in the Middle Ages, is found in “The Golden Legend.” Barbara was believed to have been imprisoned in a tower by her pagan father to protect her from a horde of undesirable suitors, for she was exceedingly beautiful. When her father learned of her unshakable resolve to remain a virgin out of love for God, he fell into a rage, dragged her to the top of a high mountain, and drew his sword upon her. Barbara prayed, “Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech you to hear my prayer for all who have memory of your name and my passion. I pray you, that you will not remember their sins, for you know our fragility.” Upon which her father slew her. Some sources add that St. Barbara’s father was immediately struck by lightening, for which the virgin martyr become known as a patroness of the military, especially artillerymen and military engineers. Known as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, St. Barbara remains a model of faith even at the expense of her earthly life.

Saint Barbara

Patroness of the Military

Pull the shawl up over her shoulders for modesty or add a long sleeved shirt underneath- add a sword and maybe a crown and you have the perfect Saint Barbara costume.

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Saint Acasius

Martyr (†c. 303) [May 8]
Acacius, a native of Cappadocia (eastern Turkey), was a centurion in the Roman army. After being denounced as a Christian by a Roman tribune, he was brought before a judge and tortured. Acacius was then transferred to Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey), where he was scourged and beheaded. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, Saint Acacius is a patron saint of soldiers.


Centurion Roman Warrior Saint Costume

An authentic looking Roman era Saint costume that will make your child stand out in the crowd. Sword and shield not included.

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Saint Candidus and Companions

Martyrs (+320) [March 9]
It was under the eastern Roman Emperor Licinius that forty Roman soldiers of various nationalities were tortured and imprisoned for being Christians, after which they were stripped and exposed to the severe cold on a frozen lake in Sebaste, Armenia. Amidst these torments one of the forty apostatized but his place was soon taken by a guard who was converted by the constancy of the others. Those who survived the cold were put to death by fire. Their martyrdom on this date is recorded by Saint Basil and Saint Gregory

In Hoc Signo!

Victory Under the Sign of the Cross Ensured

This outfit includes a dark grey long sleeved mid thigh tunic. The tunic has a coat of arms, belt and chain link inspired sleeves with black cuffs. Additionally we provide a black hood with the same chain length inspired neck, black knee length cape, and black boot covers.

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Saint Camillus de Lelis

Soldier (1550-1614) [July 18]
Saint Camillus de Lellis was born in Chieti in the Abruzzi in 1550. He first entered the military profession, but upon his conversion he devoted himself to the care of the sick. His studies completed, he was ordained to the priesthood and founded a society which established hospitals and cared for the sick. He was given a red cross by Our Lord and this was distributed in the form of a cloth cross during a time of plague. All who wore it were saved. He died in Rome in 1614.

Saint Camillus Costume

Add a Cross made of red felt and a sword and you have an instant Saint costume. (Yeah, we know, it's a Jedi Costume but we won't tell if you don't)

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Saint Anthemius

Bishop (8th Century)

 [Dec 3]
As bishop of Poitiers, France, Anthemius evangelized the western French region of Saintonge. When the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne, led his soldiers through southwest France to fight the Islamic Moorish forces occupying Spain, Anthemius accompanied him as his chaplain. It was during a battle between Charlemagne's men and the Islamic Moors that Anthemius was killed.

Loyal Crusader Knight Saint Costume

 The grey tunic has attached mesh sleeves and an attached cape. The main body of the tunic has a large shield emblem with a gold lion and two crossed swords on it. The lower portion of the tunic is trimmed with square cut red fabric segments and a gold band. The knight's cape is split into two halves, one red and one yellow, and is fastened to the shoulders of the tunic with large gold buttons. The costume's boot covers resemble real armor and are cut to a point just above the knee caps so your little knight won't be vulnerable to attacks from below.

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Saint Julian of Brioude

Martyr (3rd Century) [August 28]
Julian was a Christian soldier of the Roman army in Gaul ( France ). Among his friends was the Roman tribune and future martyr, Saint Ferreolus.  When the Roman governor of Vienne denounced the Christians, Julian resigned from military service and fled to Auvergne But upon learning that the Roman authorities were seeking to arrest him, Julian surrendered himself near the village of Brioude , saying, “I have been too long in this bad world; I would be with Jesus.” No sooner had he spoken than he was set upon and beheaded.

Roman Gladiator Warrior Saint

Includes a tunic (made out of synthetic fabric), body armor (made of vinyl), cape, leg guards, headband and armbands. 

Wear it now and then save it for your church or school Passion Play

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