Nun Costumes

Nun CostumesSaint Bernadette Soubirous

Also Known As  Sister Marie-Bernard was a young peasant girl who saw the Blessed Mother at Lourdes, France.


Born into horrible poverty, she was collecting firewood one day when she saw a beautiful lNun Costumesady who made the sign of the cross with a rosary of ivory and gold. She taught her to pray much for sinners.


One day the Lady told Bernadette to dig in the mud. The young girl obeyed even though people thought she was crazy. A spring came up through the mud and today there is a shrine with healing waters at the site.. 

Please Read Before You Go On

Nun Costumes for children can be extremely expensive and complicated to make. Both of these aspects are completely unnecessary.  You do not really need a costume that is faithful in every detail.  Just remember: it’s a costume for a child, not a habit for a woman entering a convent.

We have found some truly reasonably priced costumes for nun habits for children – as well as some alternatives for creating them yourself without losing your peace of mind. Even if you can’t sew. Really.

As you look at the costumes we have listed, you will find some that are obviously not nun costumes. We have included them so you can add on and create the costume you want.

We hope these suggestions are helpful particularly in a time when so many are experiencing economic difficulties due to the economy and natural disasters.

Saint Bridget of Ireland 

We know so little of this well loved Irish Saint.  She was aNun Costumes white robed maiden, clever with her hands, who grew more beautiful with the  years. Bridget’s father wanted her to marry, but she refused, saying that she would be the bride of Christ. Her father was angry and refused her wish, but Our Lord protected her so that she became ugly in the eyes of suitors. Finally, going to the Bishop to ask to serve as a nun, her desire was questioned until suddenly a bright shining light shot out of her head.


Child Nun Costume

Nun CostumesStill in Stock!

This beautiful children’s nun costume consists of a traditional veil and habit.

Only $1






Saint Catherine of Siena 

Grew up to be a cheerful and intelligent woman with aNun Costumes deep love of Christ.  In protest over her mother’s wish that she attract a husband, Saint Catherine cut off her hair. Her father, more sympathetic, ordered that she be given a room for prayer and meditation. She eventually entered the Third Order of Dominicans and attained a mystical union with the suffering Lord.


Nun CostumesStill in stock!

Add to a long black gown and you have a complete nun’s habit.

Only $6



Nun CostumesSaint Clare of Assisi 

was the daughter of a count and countess who after hearing Saint Francis preach she confided her desire to live her life for God. Her parents objected and she ran away, cutting off her hair and taking the veil. She soon founded the order of the Poor Ladies, now known as the Poor Clares and eventually her mother and sisters joined the order.  In 1221 she heard about the Franciscan martyrs in Morocco and traveled there to give her own life for Christ. Soon the Muslims were at the door of the convent, ready to attack. Saint Clare brought the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance to the door and 



Child Nun Costume

Nun CostumesHere is a second child’s nun costume with a wider collar and a knotted rope belt.

While this one is a bit more expensive, than the one above, you’ll still save plenty. Why pay more?  Comes with gown, collar, belt and veil. Nun CostumesAdd a 20 decade rosary that you can use later on family hikes!

Perfect for Saint Clare, Saint Bridget, Saint Faustina, Saint Katherine Drexel who is shown at the right, Saint Rita of Cascia, and so many more.

Nun CostumesSaint Faustina Kowalska was born in a small village in Poland. At the age of 20 she entered the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy. Before long, she began to see Our Lord as the Divine Mercy. Suffering in silence because the other sisters thought she was making up stories, with only her spiritual director to help at times, she wrote her diary expressing the wonders of Our Lord’s Mercy.



Flying Nun Hat 

Nun Costumes

Nun CostumesThe famous Flying Nun headpiece made famous by Sally Field was originally worn by the Sisters in the order of Saint Catherine Laboure




Nun CostumesSaint Jane Frances de Chantal 

What a way to start a marriage! Jane no sooner arrived at her new home then she discovered she might lose it. Her husband, Christophe, had not only inherited the title of baron but enormous debts as well. Her deep faith and great sense of humor helped the couple and their four children to live their faith and then her husband was killed. Read More

To replicate Saint Jane’s collar just use a square white hankie!

Adult Nun Costume 

Nun CostumesA beautiful and simple nun’s habit in an adult size.

At less than $20, you won’t mind cu






Nun CostumesSaint Margaret Mary Alacoque –

A gentle little girl who was educated by the Poor Clare’s until the death of her father and becoming bedridden with rheumatic fever for five long years. This towering Saint was the vehicle used by the Sacred Heart of Jesus to bring us that devotion along with the 12 Promises.



Mother Superior Nun 

Nun CostumesThis is another adult sized nun habit.

Again, you won’t mind snipping to fit since this one is less than 






Nun CostumesSaint Rose of Lima 

This South American Saint’s real name was Isabel, but she was such a beautiful baby that she was called Rose, and that name remained. As she grew older, she became more and more beautiful, and one day, her mother put a wreath of flowers on her head to show off her loveliness to friends. But Rose had no desire to be admired, for her heart had been given to Jesus. So she put a long pin into that wreath and it pierced her so deeply, that she had a hard time  getting the wreath off afterward.  Read More  Accessorize a Saint Rose Costume by adding a wreath of roses. See Costumes for Popular Saints and Rose Princes under Saints Who Were Queens



Nun Costumes

Authentic Nun Habit. 

This is an absolutely authentic habit that comes in adult sizes, but the XSMALL will work for a 








Saint Teresa of Avila 

The Mystic of Carmel – Teresa’s father was rigidly honest and pious, but heNun Costumes may have carried his strictness to extremes. Teresa’s mother loved romance novels but because her husband objected to these fanciful books, she hid the books from him. This put Teresa in the middle — especially since she liked the romances too.



Adult Nun Costume 

Nun CostumesHere is another simple – and simply beautiful nun habit in an adult size.

Again – it





Nun CostumesSaint Therese of Lisieux – The Little Flower of Carmel

There is a virtually inexhaustible wealth of information about Saint Therese – sometimes called Saint Theresa.  One of the simplest yet most profound Saints of our time. We recommend a visit to the Little Flower Society to learn more.

If you feel you need a brown habit, take a look at our Monk’s robes. Tuck in or cut off the hood. Pair with one of the simple nun’s veil kits and add an ivory muslin cape.

White Nun’s Habit? 

Nun Costumes

No, Sister doesn’t need a shave!

Obviously NOT a nun’s habit – but this white gown and cloak certainly fit the bill for a white habit.

Use the cape as a veil or add one of those sold separately on





Nun CostumesDo It Yourself Mother Teresa Costume

This was a holy woman who lived in great simplicity and served the poor. Do you think she would want you paying close to $100 for a costume to imitate her? I don’t think so. Start with a white mock turtleneck shirt and a white slip or skirt. Get several yards of muslin at less than $2 a yard. If you want the blue edging you can sew it on easily – or get a wide permanent marker in blue and draw it on. Wrap the muslin around your child’s waist and tuck into the slip. Add a safety pin to keep in place. Draw the rest up and across the left shoulder and around the head. Tuck in the edges at the temple. Voila! Mother Teresa for less than $10.  I was blessed to meet her several times and saw that she always had on a little worn cardigan sweater. Don’t leave that out. Where can you find muslin? Go to any K-Mart, Walmart or other similar shop.  Be sure to look at the clearance tables for fabric bargains. Or you can order some here.  Here are various ways to wrap a sari.

Carmelite Caplet 

Nun CostumesYou might think this is Frodo from Lord of the Rings – but NO!  It is a Carmelite caplet (if YOU say it is)

Added bonus: a light up sword for little brother.






Flying Nun Costume 

Nun CostumesAnother costume in an adult size.

This one comes with the elaborate Saint Catherine of Laboure headpiece.

Under $30. Snip to fit.




Carmelite Habit? 

Nun CostumesOh no! Little brother swiped the Carmelite habit to use for Star Wars playtime!

This makes a terrific addition to a make it yourself ha






Nun Plus Size 

Nun CostumesAn adult plus size costume for moms and teachers who want to join the fun in honoring the religious Saints!

Under $30






Carmelite Cloak? 

Nun Costumes

If you’d prefer a brown cloak with a clasp, this Star Wars 








Sister Costume 

Nun CostumesHere is another snip to fit adult size nun costume with a shorter 






Reversible Cape Teen Novice NunNun Costumes


The simple habit of a novice!

Only $23.95





Pet Nun 

Nun CostumesMaybe it’s a little dopey, but we love nuns as much as we love dogs. Here’s the perfect holy hound outfi







Insant Nun Kit 

Nun CostumesInstant N





Adult Plus Mother Superior Costume 

Nun CostumesAn adult plus size Mother Superior nun costume that is just right for teachers who want to keep their Saints in line!







Lil Sister Costume

Nun CostumesA perfect nun costume for any girl. Not so long that your child will trip. Includes a gown with collar and a veil.

Unlike other “handmade” nun costumes for children, this one is extremely affordable.

Under $20




Flying Nun Costume 

Nun CostumesAnother nun habit for moms or teachers.

Or snip to fit!

Only $26.9






Here is another outstanding costume, although in an adult size and not asNun Costumes inexpensive. If you can afford it, share it with someone else next year. Again, perfect for a taller girl. Let the duct tape work its magic for “no sew” alterations.

Available Here

Please tell them we sent you!


Adult Nun 

Nun CostumesA wonderful and affordable adult nun costume – only $22.50!

Snip to fit.







Nun CostumesDiscount Flying Nun

Only $29.99!

This one includes the headpiece, collar and dress. In an adult size, this is another one to snip to fit.

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