Angel Costumes

The Angels are with us everywhere. In fact the earth is so crowded with them that it is amazing there’s room for us! At each Mass that is offered more Angels come to worship Our Lord than we could ever count!

Boys should not forget that Saint Michael the Archangel is the most powerful of God’s warriors. Find a warrior costume of your liking and add wings!

Angel costumes are a perfect choice for infants and toddlers.

Be thrifty.  Look for costumes that can be used again for other occasions.  You might even be able to use some for a Christening and First Holy Communion!

Shop and compare for the best prices.

Please don’t worry about ordering time. Unlike those “handmade” costumes we sold last year, these companies are completely dependable.  You’re guaranteed to get your costume on time!

Angel Infants and Toddlers Wings Halos And Accessories
Angel Dress with Wings & Halo Infant Costume


What a sweet little angel costume!

Includes a dress, wings and halo.

And the price is just heavenly, too.

Instant Angel Kit – Child


Already have a white gown?

This Instant Angel Kit will round it out.

Includes white nylon angel wings with wire edges, silver glitter accents, elastic should straps, and a silver tinsel halo on a headband.

Baby Fairy (0-6 months) Bunting Costume baby20fairy-3324144

In size 0-6 months, this little angel infant costume consists of a white bunting with gold sparkle tulle wings and skirt and a soft sculpture star and halo.

Silver Tinsel Halo


Just in case your Christmas garland is packed away where you can’t get to it – here is a cheap and easy classic tinsel halo.

Little Angel Bunting


The Little Angel Bunting costume includes: A white one piece bunting with lace overlay and a gold ribbon around the waist and a gold headband with attached gold wings.

Deluxe Instant Angel


White nylon wings with wire egdes, silver glitter accents, elastic shoulder straps and a silver tinsel halo on a headband

Toddler Guardian Angel


We love this costumes because the dress is so sweet your daughter can wear it to church! Includes a lovely long white gown with sheer overskirt & sleeves, and sheer white wings, all with gold accents. Added bonus, Golden Halo also included

Child Size Feather Wings


Made of real feathers, held on comfortably with elastic shoulder straps, measures approximately 22″ tall. One size fits most children

Perfect wings for Saint Michael!

Little Infant Angel


A beautiful dress that your child could actually wear as a Christening dress! Dress is made of panne (a lightweight silk fabric resembling velvet), with a white lace overskirt trimmed in gold and sheer white puffy sleeves. Gold wings and a gold scrunchie/halo complete this adorable outfit

Deluxe Feather Accessory Kit


Although these are shown on an adult woman, they are perfect for an older or larger boy’s Saint Michael costume.

Instant Angel Costume Kit


The Angel Instant Costume Kit includes a white tutu with silver star detailing, headband with attached halo, wings with silver star detailing and a star wand

Adult Size Feather Wings


Huge Wings! 24″ long and 19″ wide

What a heavenly look! Adult sized Angel Wings made out of feathers attached to/covering a cardboard like base on both sides. They are held on to you, comfortably with elastic shoulder straps. Have heavy wire in them so you are able to adjust positioning of wing-span

Tofddler Angel Costume

Sizes Small and Medium Here


Available in 24 months, 2T, 3T and 4T

The costume includes: white dress, shoulder tatters, tatter apron, white rope robe belt, fairy wings, halo headband, and fairy wand

White Glitter Wings


Includes a pair of sheer white fairy wings accented with glitter, held in place with elastic arm straps and a fairy wand with an iridescent star and silver streamers

Heavenly Angel Costume


A beautiful costume for Christmas, plays, and even Halloween. Includes a long white gown with bell sleeves, silver tie belt, marabou trimmed wings and headpiece with halo.

We like this one because you can recycle it with a blue veil and use it as a Virgin Mary costume!

Winged Victory


Huge upright wings!

Made of real feathers.

Heaven Sent Child


This is one of our favorite types of costume!

An absolutely beautiful dress that you can wear on other occasions.

Includes a white dress with handkerchief point overskirt trimmed in gold, criss-cross gold around waist, short puffy white sleeves, gold wings and of course, a gold halo

Angel Wing Handbag


Even angels need to keep their stuff somewhere!

A hankie, inhaler, rosary beads, or keys!

Darling Angel Child Costume


How sweet is this?

Again, your daughter can where it again and again. Add a veil and you have a Virgin Mary costume.

Angel Harp Handbag


A perfect Angel prop!

And practical, too.

Keep all your tiny essentials here!

Angel Child


What a beautiful dress – and you can use it for other occasions – minus the wings, of course!

Deluxe Feather Wings


Completely made of feathers!

Another option for the angel in your life

Child’s Angel Costume


A heavenly gown for your child and under $16!

White Gothic Wings


Never mind the peculiar costume these are shown with … these are incredible wings!

Heaven Sent Child Costume


A perfect costume for your little angel, the Heaven Sent Child costume is a white dress with attached angel wings. The neckline and hem of the dress are trimmed with tinsel and marabou. The dress has sheer bell sleeves. Also featured is a tinsel and marabou headpiece

Halo and Wing Set


Here’s another halo and wing set in case you already have an appropriate gown.

For $3.97 how can you go wrong?

Rosebud Angel Costume


A most beautiful gown!

Add a shawl and a veil and you have a First Holy Communion dress – or with modifications your daughter can be the Blessed Mother.

Marabou Halo


Fluffy and ethereal – this marabou halo is the perfect topper for an angel costume!

Snow Angel Costume


This heavenly winter angel costume features a one-piece costume, with an under dress. The costume has loose, flowing, feather trimmed sleeves. A halo, silver belt and feather trimmed wings complement the costume

Economy Feather Wings


Complete your heavenly costume with these angelic wings. Wing measurements are 18′ W by 20′ L

Velour Angel Costume


Another great “use it for another occasion” dress!

This angelic costume features an uneven long dress with flowing sleeves and ruffled trim, wings with ruffle trim and a halo.

White Feather Halo


So many halos!

How do you choose?

Velour Toddler Angel


The same beautiful dress as above, but in toddler size.

White Wings


More wings!

Less than $6

Angel Dog here


OK. I know it’s dopey.

But how cute is this?

Shop for the best costumes here


And a sweet dress up costume for the mommy to be


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