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Catholic Home and Garden has been a labor of love almost entirely by one woman for close to 14 years. It's time to pass the reigns of management and operations to the next generation - our son Blaze and his wife Melissa.


The loss of our home and destruction of our business to Superstorm Sandy took an extreme toll on our spiritual, mental and physical well being - and that translated into our inability to keep up with our business adequately.


In the future, you can expect faster shipping, rapid response to your queries and links that are updated and relevant to your lives as Catholics.


Mom, Christine, will focus on designing her mantillas and chapel veils -- the work she loves to do and, we think you'll agree, the work that she does better than anyone we know.


So, thank you for your patience and we look forward to growing in faith and service.



Guide to Confession

"The minister to whom confession is made is the delegate of Christ, Who is the Judge of the living and the dead."

- St Thomas Aquinas

Read More




Aprons: The Garment of the Domestic Vocation

Rediscover the apron, why we love them and why your husband will, too! Where to find them and how to make them! A great gift for a season of simplicity.




Modest Clothing for Catholic Women

Whether you're looking for a wonderful church suit or easy to wear casual clothing with a southwestern flair, we found them. New coupon codes!



An Exploration of the Swimsuit Conundrum

It's that time of year again. Is there a middle ground between slutty and nutty? I think so. Resources for modest swimsuits including a Burquini.  Discount coupon codes.






«The Catholic Garden

   The simple act of gardening as evangelization

«Front Yard and Wayside Shrines

   Photos of Shrines from Around the World   

«How to Select a Garden Shrine

«Jesus Christ Statues

«Virgin Mary Garden Statues

   Affordable Lightweight Statues for Your Garden

   Many Different Titles of Mary! Many New Styles

   Updated 05/01/09

«Angels in the Garden

«NEW! Saintly Garden Statues

   Updated 05/12/2009

«Catholic Community Gardens

«Plan and Plant Your Catholic Garden

   Updated 4/21/2009

«Garden Plans

    Updated 4/21/2009

«Flower Garden Bargains Freebies

   Updated 4/22/2009

«  Food Security A Garden Journal

«New! Virgin Mary Garden Statues

   Affordable Lightweight Statues for Your Garden

   Many Different Titles of Mary!








«Why Keep a Catholic Home?

   How Catholic bear witness to the faith

«Our Readers Share Their Catholic Homes

   Devotional Corners and Gardens from Across the Nation

«Our Mission

   What this site is all about

«How We Started

    Ten years later, a look back at our beginnings



Does Talk of War Make You Nervous? Are We Entering the End of Days? Waiting for the End of the World  a new perspective on our personal end of days.


Spiritual Warfare:

The Occult Has Demonic Influence

What one Bishop has to say about seemingly innocuous entertainment.

«Dressing Modestly

In a seeming backlash to a culture that encourages hyper-sexuality, young women are turning from trashy to classy.

«Adulterers, Thieves, Murderers:   

   Welcome to Our Home

   Danger in your living room How to 

   protect your family

«Our Picks For The Best In Catholic 


«Exploring the Latin Mass

 «What to Expect at a Latin Mass

«Two Sides of the Fence

«One Family's Latin Mass Journey

«Motu Proprio Discussion

   Which Dioceses are "Tridentine-Friendly"?

«Latin Mass Resources


«Favorite Catholic Websites

«Our Catholic Faith and The Military

«Military Holy Medals Prayer Books    

   and Crucifixes

«A New Approach to Thanksgiving


«Advent Wreaths

«Christmas Traditions

«Christmas ABC eBook

«Holy Water Booklet


«Catholic Summertime







Infant of Prague Pages

*Devotions to the Infant of Prague

*Rare Photos  of the Original Infant

*Catholic Artifacts: Infant of  Prague

*How to Make Infant of Prague


*How to Make a Crown for Your   

  Infant of Prague





Food Security

Grow Enough to Keep

and More to Share

Gardening on next to no land

Fishing - Foraging - Wine Making

Canning and Preserving Food






Our Catholic Faith and The Military - Updated resources for those who serve our nation, our veterans and their families as well as for those who pray for them.



«Find God Wherever You Go

   Mass times around the world, shrines 

   to visit and ideas to enhance your faith

«12 Ways to Find Time to Be Catholic

   Making Time to Pray Is Easier Than You Think





Catholic Costumes For All Saints Day


Catholics Coping With Halloween

What to do when demons knock at your door


Recipes for All Souls Day and All Saints Day

Soul cakes, Pan de Muerte, Beans of the Dead, more!


Celebrating All Souls Day

Remembering the dead is more than laying a wreath on a gravestone. It's a practice that might help save your own soul


All Saints Day

Ideas and recipes for celebrating All Saints Day with your children and family


The Saints from Around the Year with the Trapp Family Delightful tour of the season with a Catholic family.


Christmas -Lent - Catholic Gifts


Spiritual Warfare: Dangers of the Occult

A retired US Bishop's dire warning




Made in China

Congress passed a law to stop the sale of dangerous Chinese goods like toys with date rape drugs in them. But Catholic Marketing Network and others representing representing over $5 Billion in Christian Gift Sales lobbied to stop them.  Read more


Prayer Quilts

Works of Art - Works of Faith

As we move towards simpler living, we invite you to rediscover the womanly art of quilting while you pray.



Religious Fabric for Prayer Quilts

True to form, I've been obsessive about finding religious themed fabric - here is part of what I've found with links to where you can find it and what is likely to disappear!


Feed the Hungry

Catholic Community Gardens

Social Action for

Our World Today

How to get started

Hold a Seed Swap

Ideas for Parish Fund Raising

Where to Find FREE Seeds





You've read about our adventures in community gardening. Now learn how you can provide food for your family and those in need in very small spaces at next to no cost at all. Read More


The Artifact Archives

Rapidly Vanishing Catholic Artifacts

Newest additions at the top of the list. Devotional objects from the heyday of the culture of Catholicism. Each page is image intensive so please allow time for them to load. View Main Artifact Page to see if we forgot any.




Holy Water Bottles

and Fonts  Now with expanded Hummel section and Holy Water Fonts to buy. An important sacramental of the Catholic Church that too many seem to have forgotten about in the Catholic home.


Here's our popular booklet Holy Water for you to print. (Set your printer to 2-sided printing)


The Miraculous Infant of Prague The only Virtual Museum of the Infant of Prague with over 100 Infant Statues. Vestments - Crowns - More



Catholic Art

Ranging from tapestries to simple images on wood, sacred art has always found a place in the Catholic home.



Catholic Children's Books

Books with beautiful illustrations reached their pinnacle during the early 1940s.



If there is a single devotional object that belongs in every Catholic home, it is a Crucifix. Explore the rich variety from standing Crucifixes to the pectoral Crucifixes worn by religious.


SITE MAP - Confused about this site?

Me, too.  Here's where I started to sort things out - a work in progress. Look for daily updates that pertain to these trying times.



Handmade Chapel Veils and Mantillas

New designs every month

Each veil is handmade by Catholic Home and Garden in the USA.



Hurricane Sandy:

Lives Changed Overnight

Catholic Home and Garden

Almost Completely Destroyed


For most of us, there are pivotal moments in life that change us forever. This was one of them.




Our home of twenty years, and nearly everything in it was destroyed. The place where Catholic Home and Garden was born and grew. Read More


It's A Disaster!


I have never experienced an earthquake, tsunami, volcano or tornado first hand, but the way things are going these days, there is a good chance that I will. Please. If you add only one thing to your preparations, let it be this book. This company will also prepare them with a special cover for your Diocese or Parish at a deep, deep discount. Each of my family members carries one at all times. You should too. Learn more here.



Updated for 2011

Exploring the Latin Mass


What to Expect at the Latin Mass


One Family's Long Journey to the Latin Mass



The "In God We Trust" Project

When we acknowledge that all things

are given to us by our Heavenly Father

something amazing starts to happen



You are invited to change the world

one dollar at a time.

Learn how here





Back in Stock:

Korean Madonna and Gifts

Indoor Virgin Mary Statues






Catholic Artifacts for Sale

New this week: Rosaries and Holy Medals

Click here to view them    




Head Vases and Planters

The first Catholic artifact page I created. Now greatly expanded by maker and where to find them. Lots of "mystery planters" for you to identify.



Celebrating Baptism

The wonder of new life is everywhere. Here is a collection of Catholic gifts for that newly Christened soul and mom and dad, too.


Front Yard and Wayside Shrines

It's not a Catholic garden without Mary.

Take a tour of front yard shrines from rural to urban and find inspiration for your Catholic Garden.


Head Vases and Planters

The first page we created. Once a common gift item, these beautiful objects will find many uses in the Catholic home and office.


Holy Cards - The beautiful touchstones of moments in our lives as Catholics from First Holy Communion, Ordination through death.


Miniature Churches

In keeping with our continuing theme of the importance of Catholic play, here is an amazing collection of miniature Churches that we're sure you'll love.


Nun Collectibles

Collecting Nuns

Musical Nuns

Nun Figurines

Nun Dolls

Nun Doll Collections

Books About Nuns

We apologize in advance for lots of missing images. We have some work to do here!



Odds n Ends

A small collection of photos of strange but wonderful  Catholic devotional objects that you aren't likely to see anywhere else.





The Coming Economic Chastisement


Ways to Make Money When You Have No Job

Updated 2/15/09

Find Free Dental Care and Prescription Drugs

Updated 2/16/09



NEW!  Updated 3/3/09

How YOU Can Make Money Online

A Surprisingly Simple Guide for Catholic Parishes and Individuals


In January 2008, after watching the signs for over two years, I began to write about what is broadly perceived as the coming economic chastisement - the imminent collapse of the global economy. I asked readers: "Are we on the verge of another Great Depression? Are we on the brink of TEOTWAWKI?" (The End of the World As We Know It). Many thought I was alarmist - over-reacting.






It's later than you think.  It's time to "buckle up" spiritually. Late this spring I was blessed to hear a talk and attend a Mass offered by an American exorcist who was assistant to the well known Father Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome.  He had a lot to say, but one phrase chilled me to the bone:


"I can count on less than the fingers of one hand the number of years remaining before all hell literally breaks loose."




I've been working on the final version of "The Coming Economic Chastisement" that will be complete with spiritual preparations and it will soon be available. In the meanwhile, here are preview chapters:


«Economic Chastisement«


       Our Lady of Good Remedy 

       Prayers for Protection from Islamic Terrorists and  

       Deliverance from Economic Disaster

       The “D” Word  

       The Depression Your Grandmother Never Knew

       Proof in Black and White: News Reports

       What to Do–When to Do It  How to Do It

       Get Educated

       Get Your Parish Ready

       Where Will You Live?

       Finding Work

       Utilities: Heat, Light, Water and Oil  

       Home Security