Which Church did Jesus Start?

According to Christian tradition, Jesus Christ is believed to have founded the Christian Church. The New Testament accounts attribute Jesus with establishing a community of disciples, known as the early Christian community, who would carry on his teachings and spread his message. The Catholic tradition sees the Catholic Church as a continuation of this early community, with its bishops being the successors of Jesus’s apostles.

The Catholic Church also recognizes the Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope, as the sole successor to Saint Peter, whom Jesus appointed as the head of the Church. While there are differing interpretations and beliefs among different Christian denominations regarding the origins and authority of the Church, the general belief is that Jesus laid the foundation for the establishment of the Christian Church during his ministry.

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

FAQs for Which Church did Jesus Start?

FAQs about the Church Founded by Jesus (Based on Catholic Beliefs)

1. What is the true Church that Jesus founded?

  • The true Church that Jesus founded is believed to be the Catholic Church.

2. What was the first Church of Jesus?

  • The first Church of Jesus is believed to be the early Christian community in Jerusalem, which was led by the apostles after Jesus’ ascension.

3. Did Jesus set up a Church?

  • Yes, Jesus is believed to have established the Church through his teachings, selection of apostles, and the giving of authority to Peter as the first Pope.

4. Who started Catholic Church or Catholic?

  • The Catholic Church traces its origins back to Jesus and his apostles, with Peter being considered the first Pope and the foundation of the Church.

5. Who started the first Church?

  • The first Church was started by Jesus, who appointed the apostles as his chosen disciples to continue his mission and establish Christian communities.

6. What did Jesus name his Church?

  • In the Bible, Jesus referred to his Church as the “ekklesia,” which means “assembly” or “congregation.”

7. How many churches did Jesus make?

  • According to Catholic belief, Jesus established one Church, which is understood to be the universal Catholic Church.

8. Is Catholic the first Church in the world?

  • Yes, according to Catholic belief, the Catholic Church is considered the first Christian Church in the world, founded by Jesus Christ.

9. What religion was Jesus’ Church?

  • Jesus’ Church was not associated with any specific religion at that time but laid the foundation for what would later become Christianity.

10. What religion is true Jesus Church?

  • According to Catholic belief, the true Jesus Church is the Catholic Church, which claims continuity with the early Christian community founded by Jesus.

11. What is true Jesus Church?

  • In Catholic understanding, the true Jesus Church refers to the Catholic Church, which is considered to be the continuation of the original Church established by Jesus Christ.

Please note that these answers are based on Catholic beliefs and interpretations. Other Christian denominations may have different perspectives on these questions.

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