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The Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden

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The Catholic GardenCatholics enjoy a history rich with gardening traditions.

The Rule of Saint Benedict called for work in gardens, and many religious communities still include gardening as an important part of their charism. Gardening played an important part in the Catholic Worker movement as well.

The grounds of Churches, retreat houses, and seminaries generally include a quiet garden where one can be at peace with God’s creation – and many include gardens dedicated to Saints or to the recitation of the Rosary.

The Catholic GardenSaint Therese -the Little Flower – was especially fond of gardens, and it is no surprise that she often sends a rose to those who petition her for special favors.



Gardens are part of our

identity as Catholics and

creatures created by God.


Adam and Eve

were placed in the

Garden of Eden

before the temptation

and banishment

from Paradise.


 Before His final Agony,

Christ went to pray in the Garden at Gethsemane.


When Our Lord was Resurrected,

Mary Magdalene

mistook Him

for a gardener.


The Precious Body and Blood

are formed

by the products of gardens –

 the wheat

and the vine.


Our Garden Pages

The Catholic Garden

Evangelize in Your Front Yard

Catholic Community Gardening

Our own community gardening experience

and lots of resources to help feed the poor

French Intensive Gardening, Hay Bale Gardens


Planning and Planting

Your Catholic Garden

Great Gardens Start with Great Plants and a Plan


Catholic Garden Plans

Free Plans for Every Garden Condition

Including Links to Discount Sources


Where to Find Flower Garden

Bargains and Freebies

Discounts, Coupon Codes, Free Offers


Front Yard and Wayside Shrines

Our Photo Archive

How to Select A Garden Shrine

What Kind of Shrine is Right for YOU?

NEW Sources for Affordable Church Statues

Outdoor Statues for the Garden

Our Lord  Our Lady  Angels  Saints

Catholic Home and Garden’s Selection



The Garden Bookshelf

Links to books and magazines for those

days you can’t get out and play in the dirt


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Gardening provides

opportunities to put

faith into action.


Feed the Hungry

Care for the Sick

 Visit the Prisoner


The Catholic GardenEvangelize  The simple act of placing a statue or shrine in a well kept front garden bears witness to your presence in your community as a Catholic. Statues of the Virgin Mary are popular front yard additions, but the Sacred Heart of Jesus and any of the saints make a statement and may serve as a channel of grace for passers-by.

Don’t be surprised when you see someone blessing themselves as they pass by.

Visit our Front Yard and Wayside Shrine photo page.

The Catholic GardenFeed the Hungry Whether you decide to plant an extra row for the hungry, or start a community garden, this is an action that brings faith into action in a very real way.


Blaze harvests zucchini squash in our former community garden to feed the poor.


The Catholic GardenVisit Our Catholic Community Garden Page to explore

Resources for Ideas – Support – Free Seeds Intensive Gardening Links for Higher Yields


The Catholic GardenCheer the Sick Elderly and



Forget about






Plant a small bed of cutting flowers to share with those who might need cheering up. Think about planting some drying flowers like statice for giving all year round.

The Catholic GardenFlowers are For Sharing.

Some long-lasting cutting flowers include baby’s breath, zinnias, and cone-flowers, but there are many more.

Add some ornamental grass or even twigs for interest.

Gardening Supplies

Wayside GardensThe Catholic Garden

 Many elderly shut-ins once tended gardens of their own and you can gladden their hearts by bringing along a bouquet.

Older Catholics who have moved away from larger homes into apartments truly enjoy the gift of a small garden. Late in life, my own mother left her home of 50 years and the garden she loved to move into senior citizen housing. She was thrilled when we brought over several large planters filled with soil so she could grow tomatoes, pole beans, and herbs. The other residents loved their new “instant” garden … so much so that it was featured in the New York Times!

Those who are in prison, shut away from the good earth and sun, will also appreciate receiving the thoughtful gift of flowers – but check first to be sure they are permitted.

Don’t forget the poor, who often live in squalid conditions and can ill afford the luxury of flowers.

And don’t forget to use a Mary head vase or planter!

Visit Catholic Garden Plans and Disaster-Proof Your Garden for easy and affordable flower gardens.

Garden Resources to Use Now

You can use just about anything for a vase. Although it was years ago, I still cherish the memory of  a visit to my office from a friend who brought some cut irises in a mayonnaise jar with a little twine bow around it. It was one of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts I ever received.

If you feel the need to be a little more formal, summer garage sales offer a bounty of very inexpensive vases.

Last year we nearly denuded our rose garden for a Corpus Christi procession. Fortunately, the parish was setting up for a white elephant sale and we were able to borrow the an abundance of attractive vases for the altars.

As a project for a Church group, cut out inspirational Catholic images from catalogues or old greeting cards and decoupage onto a jar to personalize it with a favorite saint or devotion. Recycle old laminated holy cards by taping them on with wide clear packing tape or clear adhesive shelf covering – soften the effect by tying some white netting around a jar and attach a ribbon with a holy medal to be used later.

Gardening Magazines

When there’s snow on the ground or it’s pouring rain and we can’t get outside to dig, we can often be found curled up under an afghan with a gardening magazine. Here are some of our favorites.

The Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden                                 The Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden

Fine Gardening MagazineThe Catholic Garden              Garden Design MagazineThe Catholic Garden

The Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden                                The Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden

 Horticulture MagazineThe Catholic Garden     OG – Organic Gardening MagazineThe Catholic Garden

The Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden                            

The American Gardener MagazineThe Catholic Garden

The Catholic GardenThe Catholic Garden            

The English Garden MagazineThe Catholic Garden



Books We Can’t Live Without
The Catholic GardenA Fabulous Book by Ann Ball. Unfortunately now out of print. The Catholic GardenRodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

We have a copy from the 1960s that we will never part with here is the latest edition

The Catholic GardenRodale Book of Composting

Another great book that we have from the 1960s. Here is the updated version

Catholic Garden Links of Interest

Mary’s Gardens

Absolutely the BEST site for

Catholic gardening.

St. Mary’s Rosary Garden

Cistertian Monastery Gardens

National Shrine of the Cross in the Woods

The Seed Exchange – Lots of links to swap seeds and plants, listed by area and type.


Patron Saints of Gardens

The Garden Way of the Cross

Trinity Gardens

Flower Theology

No Dig Gardening – A wonderful site maintained by my good friend Robyn who lives in Australia.

Seeds of Change – The most excellent source for open pollinated seeds with many wonderful gardening links.

Blessing of a Garden

Catholic Doors Ministry offers many blessings here, including those for a

garden or for the fields.


Family Procession for the Blessing of Crops


Blessing of Crosses in Field and of Sprouting Seed

Prayer to Saint Isidore the Farmer

End Times Report – A preparedness website from an old  friend, Miles Stair, who includes many excellent tips for stealth gardening.

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