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The Coming Economic Chastisement

How Catholics Can Prepare




By Christine Hirschfeld

Catholic Home and Garden

Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents




Prayer to Our Lady of Good Remedy


The “D” Word


Proof in Black and White: News Reports for the Skeptical

What to Do – When to Do It – How to Do It

Get Educated

Get Your Parish Ready

        Social Justice

          Small Faith Communities

          Parishioner Skills Census

          Grant Writers

          Community Garden – Fishing Club


          The Eucharist


Get Rid of Your Addictions

Be Proactive About Your Health 

Where Will You Live? Who Will You Live With?

Urban – Rural – Or Somewhere In Between?

Relocation: Finding Bargains in the Foreclosure Market

Who Will Live With You?

Practical Considerations

Spiritual Considerations

Don’t Lose Your Housing


Finding Work: Ora et Labora

      Grim Reality

      Step One: Pray

      Where to Find Work

Utilities: Heat, Light, Water and Oil    


Gasoline and Oil

Wood Fires

Home Security

New Chapters Added As Written