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Jesus, Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Mary Magdalene,

Saint Elizabeth, Saint Martha, Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke, Saint Andrew, Saint John, Saint Jude, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Bartholomew, Saint James, Saint Matthias, Saint Phillip, Saint Simon, Saint Thomas

In every parish and Catholic school throughout the world, the greatest honor for a boy or girl is to be chosen to play the role of Our Lord Jesus Christ or His Mother Mary in the Christmas pageant or other plays.  The roles just seem to inspire saintly behavior in the most spirited of children. 

No less inspiring is the courage and acts of the Apostles who knew Our Lord.

The names of these men live on today as some of the most popular Saint names for boys

We do not know what the Apostles looked like, but we have some notions about the type of clothing they wore. Fashions did not change frequently and everyone pretty much wore the same type of clothing. If you need a costume for one of the early saints, any of these will fit the bill. 

Here is an assortment of costumes that are fairly interchangeable for Saint Joseph or any of the Apostles or Disciples as well as Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Martha.  

Use your imagination and pick the one that suits your budget and your personal preference. And please, disregard the titles given to these costumes by the vendor.  They are what you say they are!

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Apostles and Disciples

Saint Joseph

Virgin Mary

Saint Anne

Saint Elizabeth

Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Martha

Saint Mary


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Symbols of the Apostles

Learn how the Apostles Lived and Died

We have provided a section with the symbols for each Saint so that you can accessorize the costumes to suit your particular needs.

Jesus Christ White Tunic and Cloak

White Tunic and Draped Cloak. 

While this particular costume was meant to be Caesar, it is perfect for depicting Jesus.  It can also be used for Pontius Pilate.

Just add sandals!

Mary, the young virgin who became the Mother of God.

Perhaps this is how the pure and simple Mary might have looked as a young mother.

Simple and affordable.

Jesus or Disciple Costume

A simple white tunic and a woven cloak is exactly what Jesus and His disciples might have worn as they traveled through the Holy Land. 

The manufacturer calls this a Deluxe Moses costume, but you can use it as you wish.

Add a walking staff and sandals

Virgin Mary with Blue Gown

The Virgin Mary in a classic blue gown with white veil.

Hail Mary! Full of Grace!

The ideal of every Catholic girl.

Jesus in a simple white tunic with cord.

A versatile costume that can be used with simple modifications to become a Pope or other Saint.

Virgin Mary with Shawl and Veil

Another version of Mary, spouse of Saint Joseph, Mother of God,

In a simple white gown with blue shawl and veil.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim

biblical20towns20people20costumes-6001122Biblical Era People.

Is this Saint Anne and her husband Saint Joachim?

Or the woman at the well and an Apostle?

Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth

This regal velvet gown comes with a capped veil and flowing sleeves. 

Add a crown on top to show Our Mother’s heavenly royalty!

This gown was originally intended for use as Juliet.


Disciple Apostle Shepherd

Is this Matthew, Mark,

Luke or John?

Perhaps it is Timothy

or John?

Here is an authentic looking

robe for a simple


during the time of Jesus

 Virgin Mary Satin Costume

The Virgin Mary in white gown with

soft blue cloak and mantle.


Saint John Saint Andrew Saint James

This beautiful costume calls

to mind the Apostle whom

Jesus loved – Saint John.

Or is it St. Paul, St. James, St. Andrew?

It is also suitable for wear

by Jesus Himself.

The Virgin Mother of God

A simple and simply beautiful costume for the Blessed Virgin Mary

And she would approve of your frugal spending.

It’s less than $16!


Saint Joseph, the kind

foster father of Jesus.

Or is it Saint Peter?

A beautifully made costume

to fit so many saints.

renaissaince20princess20girl20costume-9776358Another wonderful option for Mary Our Queen. This beautiful dress comes in velvet with a headpiece which you might wamt to top with a crown.

Originally intended for use as a Renaissance Princess

Guess the price. $65? $85? More?

Guess again.

Less than $35!


Is this Moses?

Or could this be Saint Peter?

Perhaps it is St. John in exile writing Revelation

Saint Anne Elizabeth Mary or Martha

biblical20peasant20girl20costumes-6636342Could this be Saint Anne – the mother of the Virgin Mary – the grandmother of Jesus?  Perhaps it is dear Saint Elizabeth – the mother of John the Baptist who Mary visited.

Or it could be the sisters, Saint Mary and Saint Martha who entertained Jesus in their home. One cooked and cleaned while the other sat at his feet and listened.


Here is another simple,

yet authentic costume

for any of the disciples

or apostles

Saint Mary Magdalene Hunter Green

 Saint Mary Magdalene.  What did she look like? Who was she?  Was she a sorrowful courtesan or, more likely, the daughter of a wealthy merchant who poured precious oils on Our Lord’s feet and washed them with her tears?

You decide.


That is what Jesus said.

The Apostles dropped their nets,

left their trades and families

and followed Our Lord.

Their lives were forever changed.

Will your child’s be changed, too?

Saint Mary Magdalene Purple and Gold

She is the patroness of those who are ridiculed for their religious beliefs – from wasting oil to the disbelief of the Apostles.

Here is another option.

Melchior Wiseman or Saint Matthew

This outstanding costume is fit for a saintly king!

Although it is meant to be Melchior or any of the Wisemen who visited Our Lord at His birth, you can use it with or without the head covering to represent Saint Matthew or any Apostle

Saint Joseph

A simple blue gown and gold cloak make a wonderful costume for Saint Joseph or any of the Biblical era Saints

Gaspar Wiseman Costume

A handsome costume for Gaspar the Wiseman or without the crown it is perfect for any of the disciples.

The deep burgundy gown comes with a metallic brocade cloak.

Moses or Disciple

Another alternative for a Biblical era costume. This one is meant to be Moses, but it works well for any disciple or early Saint

Shepherd or Disciple Costume

Is this a simple and blessedly lowly Shepherd Boy or one of the Saintly Disciples who followed Our Lord and found warmth only in their cloaks at night?

Under $18!

Biblical Era Saint Costume

Another handsome costume for a Follower of Christ with a  blue hooded cloak and white undergarment.

A Simple Saint

Which one of the Apostles or Disciples do you think this is?

Could it be Luke?  Stephen? Barnabas?

Only $16. Why pay more?

Biblical Era Sandals

You can use any type of sandal for your Biblical era costume, and it will probably be too cold to wear any sandals at all in most parts of the country, but in case you want them – here is a pair of wrap around sandals for your child

Biblical Era Beard and Wig

Here is a Biblical era wig and beard set that is child sized. 

While it will fit most children, if your son is larger, you might want to look at some of the adult sizes.

Saint John the Baptist Wig

Saint John the Baptist was a wildman whose voice cried out in the wilderness – Prepare the Way of the Lord!

Here is a beard and wig that fit what he might have looked like.

Brown Biblical Beard and Wig

This is an adult sized Biblical Beard and Wig in Brown that is perfect for older boys – or for Dad if he wants to join in the Saintly masquerade!

Brown Beard and Wig

This is a beautiful wig and beard set that so much resembles what Our Lord might have looked like.

Use it for any of the Disciples or Apostles and then save it for your parish Passion Play

Jesus Beard and Wig

Here is yet another version in Adult Size.

Perfect for any of the Biblical era characters.

Grey Beard and Wig

A beard and wig set in grey.

Perfect for Saint Joseph, Saint Joachim or Moses

Budget Beard and Wig

On a budget like the rest of us?

Here is a very inexpensive beard and wig set.

Only $3.77!

Budget Beard

If you only need the beard, here is one that is cheap, cheap, cheap.

Only $3.77

Symbols of the Apostles

Saint Andrew, was a brother of Saint Peter and a follower of John the Baptist.  He was a fisherman and was present at the Last Supper and witness the Ascension. His symbol is a cross in the shape of an X because he was crucified on a cross in that shape. Made a simple X cross from two wooden paint stirrers lashed together, or use a fishing net as a prop.

Saint Bartholomew, who converted his brother, King Polymius of Armenia, is symbolized by three knives. His flesh was stripped from him with knives and then he was crucified upside down. In Michelangelo’s Last Judgment, he is shown holding his own skin.

Saint James the Greater, who raised the dead, is depicted by three shells or a scallop-shell, a pilgrim’s staff, or a gourd bottle, because he is the patron saint of pilgrims.

Saint James the Less is a pillar of the Church who St. Paul consulted regarding the Gospel.  His symbol is a saw since he was sawed to pieces at his death. Others say it is a a fuller’s pole, because he was killed by a blow on the head with a pole, dealt him by Simeon the fuller.

Saint John, a cup with a winged serpent flying out of it, in allusion to the tradition about Aristodemos, priest of Diana, who challenged John to drink a cup of poison. John made the sign of a cross on the cup, Satan like a dragon flew from it, and John then drank the cup, which was quite innocuous.

Saint Jude Thaddeus, a club, because he was martyred with a club. Also a ship because of his missionary journeys and because he was thought to be a fisherman.

Saint Matthew, was a tax collector and is symbolized by money bags.  Another symbol is a hatchet or halbert, because he was slain at Nadabar with a halbert.

Saint Matthias, took the place of Judas.  In some traditions his symbol is a lance because that is how he was said to have lost his life.  According to others, it is a battle-axe, because he was first stoned, and then beheaded with a battle-axe.

Saint Paul, a sword, because his head was cut off with a sword. The convent of La Lisha, in Spain, boasts of possessing the very instrument.

Saint Peter is symbolized by a bunch of keys, because Christ gave him the “keys of the kingdom of heaven.” A cock, because he went out and wept bitterly when he heard the cock crow.

Saint Philip took part in feeding the multitude, so his symbol is a basket.  In other legends, he is symbolized by a long staff surmounted with a cross, because he suffered death by being suspended by the neck to a tall pillar.

Saint Simon the zealot is symbolized by a fish lying on a bible, because he was a fisherman.  Some also use the saw as a symbol in thinking that he, like St. James the Less, was sawed to death.

Saint Thomas, a lance because he was pierced through the body, at Meliapour, with a lance





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