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Finding Fabric for Catholic Prayer Quilts

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A prayer quilt of any sort is a beautiful offering of love in the Name of Jesus. You certainly do  not need to invest in specialty fabrics, but if you can afford to, they make a Catholic prayer quilt more special. In order to open up the possibilities for more overtly Catholic designs, I began searching the internet for fabrics with Christian designs.  They aren’t easy to find.

Fabric manufacturers create fabric designs that will sell. They are, after all, in the business of making money. Consequently, you aren’t likely to find too very many prints for your prayer quilts that feature Jesus and His Mother.  While it is rare for a manufacturer to go back for a second run on any particular quilting fabric design, it is even more rare for that to happen with a Christian motif — although Robert Kaufman did go for a second run on the beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe panels.

I admit it. I was obsessive about finding prints of the Blessed Mother and her Son and I’m happy to share some of the results of that search with you and have included links to vendors that have them available. Please note, we do not sell any of these in our shop. The few pieces I own are being hoarded for my own prayer quilt projects!

Virtually all of the Catholic – Christian themed quilt fabrics are now out of print. You won’t find them in the bigger shops. Aside from links to specific fabrics, I have also created links to fabric sellers on eBay who have their own inventory including some that have the most rare ones.

If you see something you love, don’t wait too long or it’ll be gone.


Our Blessed Mother and Her Son Jesus

Religious Quilt Fabrics

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Religious Quilt Fabrics

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Religious Quilt Fabrics

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Religious Quilt Fabrics

eBay Shops Carrying Christian Themed Quilt Fabrics

Religious Quilt FabricsReligious Quilt FabricsThe Oz Material GirlsReligious Quilt Fabrics
gets two thumbs up. They have a wonderful selection of religious fabric and some that is impossible to find elsewhere. Although they are in Australia, the shipping costs are quite reasonable. I buy from the all the time.
Religious Quilt FabricsReligious Quilt FabricsExotic Textiles by Fabric FreakReligious Quilt Fabrics
gets two thumbs up.  Any eBay fabric shop that actually has a Virgin Mary category is a winner. And they carry one of the most difficult to find fabrics of this sort.
Fabrics from the HeartReligious Quilt Fabrics
has a very nice selection of fabrics that would work well for a prayer quilt. Their Christian themed fabric inventory is always changing. Search in other categories as well to find tons of angels, and even the Corazones print.
Religious Quilt FabricsJ and OReligious Quilt Fabrics
is a huge business and you’ll find only a few of their items on eBay, but if you contact them to ask for anything special, they’ll find it for you. Good prices
Steel City StitchesReligious Quilt Fabrics
has a small selection of religious fabrics, but they are a very large business that also sells on eBay, so if you ask them, they’ll find more. Some very good prices, too. The Cross toss on white was less than $4 for 5 yards when we looked today.
Da Mama’s Textiles and TreasuresReligious Quilt Fabrics
has a really nice assortment of religious themed fabric that will work well in any prayer quilt. Some outstanding bargains, too! Well worth the visit.
J and F TradersReligious Quilt Fabrics
carries several panels that can be made into beautiful prayer quilts.
Fabric and Foam SalesReligious Quilt Fabrics
carries reasonably priced Christian themed panels including a very nice all over Foot prints in the sand
Religious Quilt FabricsMusic and Other Memories actually took the time to write to me to tell me how very offensive this website is and asked me to remove a link to her fabric which I have done. ” I do not want to be associated with or appear to be associated with your website or your religious viewpoint. You have viewpoints that I absolutely disagree with. … I  do not want to be associated with you.”  Well, that’s her prerogative.  She has very nice fabrics at reasonable prices, but if you are concerned about who gets your money, I thought you should know about this attitude.

Lots More to Follow Including How to Make Your Own Blocks and Celestial Backgrounds

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