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Catholic Gifts to Honor and Comfort

Our Military, Our Veterans and Their Families


Service in any branch of the United States military is a tremendous sacrifice for the safety of our nation and for  future generations.

The sacrifice and honor of the men and women who serve is shared by their families.

In the midst of war and the trials of service, Catholics have a sure recourse: Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Mother Mary and the host of Angels and Saints.

We've put together a collection of Catholic gifts for members of the armed services, veterans and their families.

We invite you to click on an emblem of the branch of the military to see gifts for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and the National Guard.

If you call to place an order, mention Catholic Home and Garden for faster shipping.

Please consider the registry for military chaplains who need Bibles, Rosaries and other items to share with troops

To Browse by Branch of Service or Category Click Image


Certainly those who serve and their loved ones have very practical needs but the need to recall the love and protection of Our Lord is very real.

Click on Holy Medals to find military holy medals featuring Saint Michael, Saint Christopher and a unique Miraculous Medal for the military.

Military Crosses are designed with unique emblems of each service. The Rosary collection is also geared to each branch

In prayer books you'll find the classic Bishop Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book and many others.

The variety of holy cards can be purchased singly or in a pack to distribute to family, friends and prayer groups.

Finally, the collection of military bears are a perfect comfort for children and wives to give them something to hug until the loved one returns home.

Most importantly, pray for our military and their families

As the proud wife of a Marine, the site above caught my attention. It has been many years since my husband has been able to fit into his Marine Corps uniform. Maybe it shrunk. Maybe not. Regardless, there has been no shrinkage in his pride in the Corps. I found a really nice jacket that I know he will love wearing. Maybe you'll find something for the Marine in your life. Take a look here


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