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Fabric manufacturers make fabrics that will sell. They are, after all, in the business of making money. Consequently, you aren't likely to find too very many prints featuring Jesus and His Mother.  While it is rare for a manufacturer to go back for a second run on any particular fabric, it is even more rare for that to happen with a Christian motif.  I admit it. I was obsessive about finding prints of the Blessed Mother and her Son and I'm happy to share the results of that search with you and have included links to vendors that have them available. Virtually all of these are now out of print.  Some, like the one immediately below, are still fairly abundant.

If you see something you love, don't wait too long or it'll be gone.

Our Lady of Guadalupe panels by Robert Kaufman's Inner Faith collection are now in the second printing. It is unusual for any pattern to be reprinted, especially those with a religious theme, so if you can, but sure to get some while they are still around.


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These brilliantly colored panels are 100% cotton. There is a bit of metallic detailing for interest. The variety in the four backgrounds make them perfect for any project including wall hangings, lap quilts, larger quilts and even baby quilts. Combine with fabric featuring roses or interesting black patterns or even blue sky fabrics. Each panel is about 10" across and a set of eight measures 44" x 25"

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Robert Kaufman more recently designed another Virgin Mary Fabric with striped coordinates.

This one is rather stupidly called

Viva! Goddess.

Despite the ridiculous name, it is a cheerful folkloric print.

These prints are available at Fabric.com.

Take advantage of discounts!

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Viva! Goddess Purple

Viva! Stripe Purple/Orange

Viva! Goddess Blue

Viva! Stripe Red/Gold

The Virgin Mary Panels at the left are by Luana Rubin for Robert Kaufman #4334. There are four different images of Our Lady and the entire piece measures 23.5x22 inches.

I think this is a very versatile print that lends itself well to many color combinations and themes. The one shown at the right reminds me of Eastern European fabric designs.

It's now out of print but the seller below still has a sizable quantity on hand

While this is in red and green, don't discount is as just another Christmas print - it has classic medieval overtones and could possibly work well with the prints below.

Alexander Henry Fabric created two versions of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Each motif is 14" x 8" and with the inclusion of the flowers and cherubs, it measures 24". This is on black

This version of Alexander Henry's Our Lady of Guadalupe is on Ivory. I used this motif as an appliqu on my "stained glass" wall quilt. It is also well suited to hand quilted designs.

We all know people who prefer more sedate colors, and this is an excellent choice of fabric for a "quieter" prayer quilt. The Panels shown below are remarkable reproductions of Sacred Art by Kathy Hall for Museo Mundo - Museum of New Mexico Foundation. They were produced by Andover.  While they are now out of print, I have provided links to sellers that still have some stock.

Here is a close up of the exceptional fabric from Kathy Hall

Last Supper Quilting Panel

This is a large panel that you might wish to incorporate into a prayer quilt for a priest

The Virgin Mary Holy Card and Rosary Toss is one of the most sought after fabrics for prayer quilts. It is out of print and very hard to find. The seller at the link below still has a quantity of it.

Link to this design coming soon

This is a soft all over pattern of the Blessed Virgin with roses and angels. Goes well with apricot tones

Another version of Our Lady of Guadalupe in bold colors over a sky filled with fluffy clouds. Combines nicely with other sky designs


This is a large panel 36" x45" and lends itself well to a larger prayer quilt.


The seller of this has quite a few other beautiful images. They are rather costly, but in all fairness, these do take a lot of ink to create.

These have the most beautiful borders. Don't think of these as just for Christmas time. They can take their place in the center of a rosary prayer quilt or a child's prayer quilt

beautifully matches the fabric at left

Lots More to Follow Including How to Make Your Own Blocks and Celestial Backgrounds

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