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A Catholic Guide to Surviving the Economic Chastisement

Making Money Online

It Really Is Possible To Earn Money Online

Earning Money On the Internet Really Is Possible

How Parishes and Individuals Can Earn the Funds to Stay Afloat With a Little Bit of Know-How and a Lot of Prayer



eBay and Amazon Revisited

-Marketplace Changes

-Cost of Selling

-Unique Fundraiser Idea 

 for Parishes

-Make Money on eBay and

 Amazon Without Actually

 Selling a Thing






Before we start, this section is not about getting rich quickly. 

It’s not even about getting rich.

It is about making a little bit of money on the internet to help your family and parish in these trying times.

The internet is now an inextricable part of modern daily life.  We search for information. We search for connections to jobs, people and even places to worship. We shop online for things we can’t find locally and hunt for discounts on the things that are close at hand. We can often find what we need for free or opportunities for barter or trade.

The World Wide Web allows us to find just about anything we want — and sell just about anything that   we no longer need or can’t afford to keep.

If you’re out of work and getting a little desperate, you really can make at least a little money — and sometimes a decent amount of money — enough to keep the wolves at bay for another day or two and hopefully a lot longer.

I’ve done it out of necessity. You can, too.

As important as this is for individuals and families in these trying times, it is even more important for Parishes that are suffering from a severe downturn in donations needed to keep the lights on and pay staff.

If you learn something here, please, help your parish by volunteering to get them up and running. Without our Churches, we are lost.  And don’t forget to tithe.

If this is a new concept to you, you’re probably thinking of eBay. That’s one area we’ll take a look at, but it’s no longer the best way to make money while you do other things — like look for a job — or run your parish.

Just about all of us have gotten at least one of those emails with cheesy highlighted testimonials telling us how to  “Make Money While You Sleep”. These pitches inevitably involve purchasing a pricey eBook or buying into a service that claims it will set up a money making business for you — for a steep fee. Most of them involve you sending spam to everyone in the world to let them know how well it worked for you — and how they, too, can retire to easy street. 

Well, no one is retiring to easy street any longer, and as we’ve seen in recent days, those crazy schemes have brought this nation to the brink of disaster and probably have condemned many unrepentant souls.

You can do it yourself and you really can make money while you sleep — and do it ethically by providing goods, services and information that is truly useful and needed. But you’ll have to put in some effort before that happens, and you won’t be sleeping while you do it.

Ora et Labora

Pray and Work

The order of this formula is key.  Pray first, then work. And don’t even think about working without prayer.

We’ll explore some of the options here that really will work both for individuals and parishes.

Next Chapter: A New Look at Those Old Standbys – eBay and Amazon

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