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Where to Find Garden Bargains and Freebies

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieLike most gardeners, I used to get my plants and seeds at local garden centers. And, like most gardeners who haven’t yet grown a money tree, I often paid too much for goods that just weren’t worth the price. 

Years ago, when I lived in a rural area, I spent many long hours scouring the ads in Mother Earth News and Organic Gardening to find promising mail order nurseries. I’d fill out forms and wait patiently for the catalogues to arrive. The plants and seeds were excellent and arrived at the appropriate planting time, and the prices were much lower than I could find locally.  That was long before the internet made hunting for garden bargains so easy. 

Now, many years later, I no longer live on a farm, but have years of experience with community gardens and I’ve learned which companies provide the best products and bargains. What follows is a collection of sources I like best. Take your time and look around their sites. Comparison shop.  I’ll post links to coupon offers for money off, free shipping and free gardening goodies as I find them. Virtually all of them offer a wealth of free  information and helpful hints for garden planning and planting.

I’ve also included a sections for gardening equipment and supplies because now is the time to find incredible bargains. Take a look at the end of the season, too, for more markdowns  as firms begin to close out their summer inventory. 

You’ll also find some links to gardening magazines and books because sooner or later it will be winter and that is the best time to read up and plan for the next season.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie When you see our Green Thumbs up it indicates that this is a company that I have personally had a positive experience with. The other companies are, I am sure, excellent as well, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to experience them.

For the 2009 Season, our community garden is being planted with seeds donated by High Mowing Organic Seeds, a family owned business in Vermont. We’ll post photos and results as the season progresses. See their school fundraising program which can work well for parishes, too.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Free Seeds

America The Beautiful Foundation offers free flower and herb seeds. Just write to them and describe your project.

WinterSown offers six free packs of winter sown seeds with a self addressed stamped envelope. You don’t have to wait ’til spring!

Biblical Gardens will send you free Biblical Seeds if you send them two first class stamps with your choices.

Plant a Row for the Hungry – If you promise to plant and feed the hungry, they’ll send you a packet of seeds.

Seeds of Change – You can participate in their exceptional program of open pollinated organic seeds that produce flowers and/or vegetables. You’ll need to pay for shipping and write on your letterhead but well worth it. Our community garden yielded more crops than we could weigh with their product.

Free Heirloom Tomato Seeds – To groups only, please

iVillage has a Seed Exchange and Plant Exchange. Just beware that you might get some weed seeds mixed in or diseased plants. If you’re willing to take the risk, have a ball.

Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFirst on our list of seed suppliers is one that you will want to turn to especially in these frightening times: Nitro Pak.  They are the suppliers of Survival Garden Seeds
Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie
in two sizes.

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieYou’ll get enough non-hybrid seeds to plant a half acre or a case for three acres. These seeds are sealed in a can and will last for years.  They offer free shipping on orders over $100 and you’ll probably spend that much one you look around their amazing site.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieMaster Gardening is a company that is new to me this year, but I’m already very pleased, especially with the garden Wellingtons! The offer a full range of garden needs to help with composting, garden health, tools, cold frames and grow racks, and even birding supplies. You’ll find a lot of great ideas on their beautifully designed site Their gift certificate will be welcomed by any gardener. Enter Coupon Code CJ05 to get $5 off any order over $20.

$20 Off $40

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieGurney’s is absolutely one of my favorites and I order from them all the time.  You’ll find a huge assortment of flowers, bulbs, seeds, fruit trees and vines.  They have the best selection of strawberries, blueberries and other fruits. Use the link above to get $20 Off a $40 Order. Don’t miss their sale section which changes frequently.

Save $20 On Any Order Of $40 Or More!

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieI can’t say enough wonderful things about Gardens Alive.  They offer the best poison-free gardening products ever. Look for discounted plants, weed and pest deterrents, diatomaceous earth, ladybugs and lots of helps for your pets. Click on the logo above to get $20 off a $40 order. If I had room, I’d give them ten thumbs up!

Buy One Get One Free

When you think of Michigan Bulb, don’t just think bulbs.  This dependable firm offers a wide range of plants of all types including excellent fruit trees, vines, shrubs and plants. The Buy One Get One deal is hard to resist. Be sure you look at their One Cent Sale, too! I’ll post more coupon codes as I find them.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieLehman’s is the place to stop for good old fashioned home and garden supplies. If you’d like to get a little more exercise and do away with power tools, this is the place to shop. You’ll find Amish made goods and lots of solid information to help you step by step from planting to canning. Be sure to check out their sale section for discounts of up to 70% off. Warning: Once you go to this site, you’ll be lost for hours!

$25 Off $50

Brecks offers the most beautiful selection of flowering bulbs. With an offer of $25 off a $50 order, how can you go wrong?  Their products are top quality. Look for bargains at the end of each season. There are steep markdowns. Also check out their fundraising program. It’s easy!

Check The Great Prices At Directgardening.com

Direct Gardening is a clearing house for several large seed companies: Burgess Seed and Plant, Four Seasons Nursery, Richard Owens Nursery, Farmer Seed and Nursery, Interstate Nursery, Kelly Nurseries, Royal Dutch, Honey Creek Nursery and House of Wesley. You can shop all of these on one website and get wholesale prices. Look for their 1 Cent Sale and Free StuffEnter Code G5666 for 3 free Peacock Orchid Bulbs with any purchase.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Arbico Organics has been producing and supplying commercial growers, landscapers, ranchers, pet owners & home gardeners with natural products for comprehensive pest control solutions. Take your time and look around at their wide range of supplies. Enter Code CW100 for 10% off everything. Don’t miss out on Ask Dr. Bug Lady!

Lily Sale

Big Bargains at Blooming Bulb!  Not only can you get lilies at 45% off, but take a look at their overstock section for 30% off savings and that includes seed mats.  Subscribe to their newsletter and you’ll get another 10% off your first order. Truly wholesale prices.

Yardiac.com - The Ultimate Garden Center

Yardiac has everything you can imagine from plants to arbors. Look at the sale section, which changes often, for discounts of up to 80%! There’s a lot to learn here, too. I’ll have to remember to send my sister to this site to read up on how to get rid of voles. (Not moles, voles!)

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Wind and Weather has such a wonderful array of useful tools for the garden and beautiful decorative items as well. The link above will take you directly to their discount area. They are new to us this year, but I am hinting hard for a gift certificate for Mother’s Day! Enter Discount Code PINKBIRD for 10% off your purchase.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And FreebieGardener’s Choice has all those wonderful and whacky horticultural products you’ve always wanted to try: the giant tree tomato, fruit salad tree, the amazing tomato-potato and more. Have fun and give some of them a try. They’re much less expensive than at other outlets. Look at the sale area too.

Free Shipping On Most Products At Heartland America 120X90

Heartland America has daily deals and free shipping on almost everything. I like their solar powered mole chaser. Click on the garden link to see a range of useful and inexpensive products. One item that caught my attention was a garage door screen. How many times have you been caught in a rainstorm during a BBQ? This keeps out bugs and cats, too. Bargains on tools and solar lights.

Pope John Paul Ii Rose

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieJackson and Perkins is the best place to shop for roses and now there’s another reason: the Pope John Paul II Rose. 10% of the sale is donated to sub-Saharan missions in the name of the late Holy Father. You’ll also get 10% off orders over $50.  Look for the Rose Tag Sale for up to 54% off and Internet specials.

Flower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Outdoor Decor offers a nice selection of … well, decor for the outdoors! They have sundials, weather stations, dog houses, compost bins, boot brushes, house numbers and so much more. Check out their clearance section. I’ll post coupon codes as I find them.

Your #1 Source For Discount Pool Supplies

The Aqua Super Store is a pool supplier, but they also carry a full discounted range of pond supplies. If you’re tired of paying a fortune for bait when you go fishing, you might want to consider raising your own killies or storing what you don’t use in a pond. Think also about raising small fish for consumption. Look for sales of up to 70% off.


Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieAeroGarden is an interesting hydroponic gardening concept.  You can grow flowers, vegetables or herbs indoors without soil!  The initial package is costly, but take a look at their outlet center for huge discounts and a $20 off offer. The offer free shipping on orders over $25.

10% Off Lawn Mower Blades

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieThese days when your lawn mower, shredder or chain saw breaks down, who can afford to toss it out and get a new one?  Find whatever you need at Yard Parts.  They offer lots of specials, free standard shipping on orders over $50 and a 10% sale on all mower blades.

Exquisite Relaxation Products At Discount Prices.

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieSkip the Aromatherapy and other junk at Serenity Health and go right to the hammocks.  After a hard day of digging in the garden, the whole family will need to relax and enjoy each other. They also offer terrific pond accessories and birding items. Free shipping in the contiguous U.S. Look for discount codes soon.

120X60 Windowbox Banner

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieWindowbox is the perfect place to shop if you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of room.  Even if you don’t buy anything there, you’ll find lots of great ideas. They also offer seeds for heirloom tomatoes and herbs. There are lots of sales, too. We’ll post codes as we find them.

Mantis Tiller - With Free Shipping

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieIf you’re looking at the banner above and wondering if you’re reading it correctly, you are. Try a Mantis Tiller for a year and if you don’t like it, send it back! Unbelievable. There’s also free shipping. Be sure to check out their Gardening 101 section for lots of great advice.


Shop Doghouses.com!

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieDoghouses has a terrific assortment of shelters and resting spots for man’s best friend. I’ll admit it. I’m a little suspicious of people who don’t like dogs. (Cats are another matter) and I really don’t care for people who throw their dogs outside all day long in the heat and rain with no shelter. Especially old dogs. Especially priests who are mean to their animals. I really like the Coolaroo Dog Bed for hot summertime rest. They offer free shipping.

Save up to 30% at DogHouses.com! Shop the Super Sale now.

Save Up To 40% (234X60 Tan)

Duncraft offers everything you need to attract birds to your garden. And be assured that you do want birds in your garden. They eat bugs. If you’re blessed to have a mockingbird around, your heart will be gladdened as well. (I’m trying to teach ours the 1812 Overture, but no luck yet – and that’s why I don’t like cats!) Look for huge discounts at this site. The overstock area offers up to 70% off. Look for the free feeder offer, 10% off bird food, and lots of contests. Get Free Shipping with Code YFR1600 on orders of 40% or more.

5% Cash Back Or Ninp Until May 2010 On Lawn &Amp; Garden, Patio Sets &Amp; Grills Over $299

Sears is a company that has been around for a long, long time and most of us shop there for something sooner or later. Why not get 5% cash back on your garden purchase? Look for markdowns of up to 70% and a 50% off tool sale.

Smith &Amp; Hawken Logo

Smith and Hawken has the most beautiful items for your garden and outdoor living. Use Coupon Code WEBP293 for free shipping. We’ll add more as we find them.

Worx Green Movement

Worx Garden Tools has “eco-friendly” garden equipment including mowers and trimmers. The best part about their trimmers is that you get Free Replacement Spools for life! (It doesn’t say who’s life …)


Wish I Had That offers a beautiful assortment of waterfalls in classic styles. They also have magnificent garden statuary. Look for these in our garden statue area. No specials at this time but we’ll post them.

Give The Gift Of Green Gift Certificates - 159X118

Your Guide to Green has some good products for the home, but look at the solar powered digester to turn your trash into brown gold. Also earthworm factories! No discounts yet.

Foodsaver.comFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Food Saver. If you or your parish has a vegetable garden – or even if you have pot luck dinners or go on a fishing trip, you’ll want to use a product like Food Saver to save what you’re growing (or catching) now for later on.

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieGardening Magazines

Parish Tip: A nice way to say Thank You to your gardening volunteers

Discounts Up to 78% Off – Click on Covers

Garden Compass

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie


Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Hobby Farms

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Farm and Ranch

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Fine Gardening

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Mother Earth News

An All Time Favorites

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

The Herb Quarterly

A great fund-raising idea!

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Garden Design

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

American Gardener

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Backyard Living

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Organic Gardening

Another Old Favorite

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Birds and Blooms

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

English Garden Magazine

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Martha Stewart Living

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Country Gardens

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

Garden, Deck and Landscape

Flower Garden Bargains And FreebieFlower Garden Bargains And Freebie

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