Is Your Parish or Religious Order Short on Funds?

The answer is probably, “yes.”

It’s a harsh truth, but due to the rising cost of insurance, utilities and just about everything else that needs replacing in aging parishes across the nation, a growing pile of bills seems to take up more of a pastor’s time than ministering to his flock.

Add to that an aging congregation who may have moved away or passed away, the sky-rocketing cost of living, and burgeoning low-income immigrant populations who haven’t the means to support the parish as the old-timers did.

It adds up to one thing: empty coffers.


Is your collection basket empty?

Catholic Home and Garden can help you find the cash you need to continue your good works or to make needed repairs.
bullet Sell one item or the contents of your attic or an estate.
bullet Organize parish- or community-wide fund raising auctions
bullet Set up your own online presence to provide a stream of income
Most rectories, convents and parishes have attics and closets full of unused statuary, vestments, linens and other religious items.As an established business with a record of excellence, we can help you to place these Catholic treasures where their useful life will be continued.

You’ll never have to worry that your sacred objects will put to profane use in inappropriate settings. Catholic Home and Garden guarantees that they will remain in service in their faith of origin.



nun20rosary-4743973 When an older member of your congregation or order passes away, there is always an abundance of rosaries, holy cards, holy medals and other small devotional objects left behind. We can help you to place them in the hands of Catholics who will put them to use in their own devotional life. Catholic Home and Garden will deliver much higher prices than you could ever imagine.
Old Latin-English Missals, Sacramentaries, Altar Missals, books of the Roman Ritual and outdated rule books for your order may have no practical use, but devoted Catholic collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the privilege of studying and preserving these reminders of our Catholic heritage. They’re not in English? It doesn’t matter. We reach an international clientele. olympus-digital-camera-8
ciborium-3229017 If your sacristy is overflowing with memorial ciboria, pyxes or vestments, we can help. All transactions are confidential.If donations are down due to an aging population, economic conditions or empty pews, those who are faithful to your parish or order still want to help. In fact, they probably wish there was a way they could afford to – and there is!

Your supporters may not have cash, but they do have collectibles that demand high prices in the right marketplace. We can teach you and your volunteers how to decide what to sell at your rummage sale … and what common household items command high prices. How you can put an exciting spin on fund raising with donated goods from the attics and garages while reaching an international market. How to time your sale to optimize donations — and how you can find truckloads of saleable items for free!


Call or write today for a consultation without any obligation.Coming Soon: A Guide to Catholic Fundraising. The most effective ideas for getting your congregation and supporters involved in surefire ways to put the FUN back in fundraising.
isidore20logo-4240292Be sure to hire a member of the Saint Isidore Sales Guild.Look for this seal on their websites.


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