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moneytree-4395633Like most gardeners, we’ve usually turned to our local garden centers for our plant and seeds. And like most gardeners, who haven’t yet grown a money tree, we often pay too much for garden goods that just weren’t worth the price.

Years ago, when we lived in the country, we acquired our plants from several mail order houses with excellent results and at lower prices. That was long before the internet made hunting for garden bargains so much easier.

Here is a collection of the sources that we like best. All of them offer a money back guarantee.  Take your time and look around their sites. Comparison shop.  We’ll post links to coupon offers for money off, free shipping and free gardening goodies as we find them. Virtually all of them offer a wealth of information and helpful hints for garden planning and planting.

We’ve also included a sections for gardening equipment and supplies because now is the time to find incredible bargains as firms begin to close out their summer inventory.  You’ll also find some links to gardening magazines and books because sooner or later it will be winter and that is the best time to read up and plan for the next season. And you’ll also find links for Catholic parish fundraisers.

Free Seeds

America The Beautiful Foundation offers free flower and herb seeds. Just write to them and describe your project.

WinterSown offers six free packs of winter sown seeds with a self addressed stamped envelope. You don’t have to wait ’til spring!

Biblical Gardens will send you free Biblical Seeds if you send them two first class stamps with your choices.

Plant a Row for the Hungry – If you promise to plant and feed the hungry, they’ll send you a packet of seeds.

Seeds of Change – You can participate in their exceptional program of open pollinated organic seeds that produce flowers and/or vegetables. You’ll need to pay for shipping and write on your letterhead but well worth it. Our community garden yielded more crops than we could weigh with their product.

Free Heirloom Tomato Seeds – To groups only, please

iVillage has a Seed Exchange and Plant Exchange. Just beware that you might get some weed seeds mixed in or diseased plants. If you’re willing to take the risk, have a ball.

Lots of nice gardeners to meet here.

Plants – Seeds – Bulbs – Tubers – On Sale Now
Dutch Gardens is one of the oldest and most trusted sources for spring blooming bulbs, but you’ll find a lot more at their site, including one of the most comprehensive guides to lilies anywhere. Here is their latest promotion, which is essentially half off! Park Seed is another all time favorite that you can depend on. There are lots of internet sales and their famous $1 Sale.  We love their seed tapes and mats. A no brainer for a beautiful cut flower garden with no weeding needed. Also lots of internet only specials on fall planted bulbs.
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TIP for PARISHES:  Be sure to look at their Flower Power Fundraising kit link. It works incredibly well.  Why? Everyone loves flowers! Your parish gets 50% of all sales – AND – there’s free shipping! How can you lose?

TIP for PARISHES and COMMUNITY GARDENS: Write to them on your letterhead to ask for free seeds for your project. A very generous donor. Park Seed Company,

1 Parkton Ave, Greenwood, SC 29647

Wayside Gardens is another dependable firm with top quality products and lots of internet only specials. The coupon code below will change each month to show limited time offers. Brecks – An excellent source for bulbs for spring and fall. Top quality and an excellent guarantee.  Check often for new specials at each season.


Duncraft is now offering huge discounts on bird feeding and attracting supplies. You DO want birds in your garden. They eat nasty critters so the critters don’t eat your plants. TIP for PARISHES – Every year people spend lots of money on feeding birds. Duncraft offers specials for not-for-profits and a 40% – 50%  discount for wholesalers. A great idea for a parish fundraiser with no minimum order.

You can also set up a variety of fundraising programs on your parish website to take advantage of Duncraft and others. Ask us how.
Gardens Alive is one of our all time favorites. Lots of internet specials like the one below which is basically half off! Once you order from them, you’ll receive a catalogue that offers an amazing amount of free stuff with no purchase necessary. We always order more any way. Gurney’s an another excellent company that we order from all the time. Fabulous savings like this internet special – another one that offers you half off. How can you go wrong? They have a wonderful assortment of plants and bulbs. Shop and compare at others listed here.

Here are more savings from Henry Fields. You won’t be disappointed.

Jackson and Perkins is the number one source for roses. Yes, you can get them cheaply at the local clearance stores, and they might even be alive. With roses, you get what you pay for. Click for 10% off on your order.

Michigan Bulb is another company that we’ve mentioned on other pages. They are simply fabulous with products that delight. Here is a Buy One Get One Free Offer.

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Fingerhut has some great clearance sales going on right now. The product to the right isn’t on sale, but we like it a lot. A safe hedge clipper that picks up the clippings as it goes! Click on the logo.


woman20reading20at20window-9917572Gardening Magazines

Discounts Up to 78% Off

Click on Covers

Parish Tip: A nice way to say Thank You to your gardening team at Christmas.

Charles Keath has some exceptionally nice outdoor items with steep discounts available now. Here are a few: Hobby Farms

Farm and Ranch

Five foot tall screen available in a variety of colors is the perfect backdrop for a Catholic garden statue while providing a support for climbing roses. Interplant with trumpet vine to attract butterflies and humming birds or  autumn blooming clematis for a starting display when roses fade.

The Herb Quarterly

A great fund-raising idea!


Garden Design



Completely solar powered, this compact fountain provides the water movement that birds love.  No need for wiring.  Available in a variety of finishes

Garden Compass





Food Saver. If you or your parish has a vegetable garden – or even if you have pot luck dinners or go on a fishing trip, you’ll want to use a product like Food Saver to save what you’re growing (or catching) now for later on. Fine Gardening


Mother Earth News

An All Time Favorites


Gardener’s Supply has lots of great products that are on sale now at up to 63% off! Take a look at their weed mat for starters.



Organic Gardening

Another Old Favorite


Birds and Blooms


Country Gardens


Garden, Deck and Landscape


Home Visions offers lots of seasonal sales. The gardening items aren’t on sale yet, but check back soon for steep savings. Click on their logo below to visit them.


American Gardener


Backyard Living


Landscape USA sometimes offers specials including free shipping. Not one of our favorites for savings, but a great website and you can use them to comparison shop. Worth a look. Clip the logo to visit.


English Garden Magazine


Martha Stewart Living


Lillian Vernon is well known for great savings. Right now you can save up to 85% on selected lawn and garden items. Check back often for additional sales.

Smith and Hawkin is now holding a huge sale on outdoor items with many internet only sales.

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