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Crosses - Christian Motif - Hearts

and Holy Scripture

 Fabric for Catholic Prayer Quilts

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Prayer Quilts Angel Fabric Cross, Scripture, Christian Motif Page Children's Fabrics

Crosses, hearts, Christian motifs and quotes from Holy Scripture are the perfect addition to any Catholic prayer quilt.  Again, these disappear quickly, so if you see something you love, get it right away.  More to follow!

Silver Metallic Crosses on Black from Timeless Treasures make the perfect quilting fabric to accent darker pattern. You can also use this to quilt Bible covers!

Find here

Gold Metallic Crosses on mottled White from Timeless Treasures are beautiful to add to lighter Christian prayer quilts or a prayer quilt for a baptism or First Communion child.

Find here

Colorful tossed Crosses on Light Blue can form the background on a prayer quilt or you might want to form an entire cross from this fabric

Crosses, the Holy Bible, a Dove and other symbols of the faith of Christians tossed on a mottled navy background from the Wing and a Prayer collection from Timeless Treasures quilting fabric collection.

Lighter colored Catholic prayer quilts will easily incorporate this lighter version of the Wing and a Prayer toss on Ivory.

Colorful tossed Crosses on White can form the background on a prayer quilt or you might want to form an entire cross from this fabric

Gold Metallic Crosses on White from Timeless Treasures makes a light add on for a prayer quilt

Hearts on Blue

The message Jesus brought is all about Love and so are prayer quilts. Here is a very nice small print of tossed hearts on blue.


Iron Crosses and Traditional Crosses interwoven with chains on black make this interesting prayer quilt fabric from the Headgear group by 

Fabri-Quilt. Search for these as Pirate Medallions on black.


The Fish - or Ichthus - is an ancient symbol of Christianity. Here is a colorful version from Timeless Treasures. See the variety available in

This magnificent Stained Glass quilting fabric from Timeless treasures is the perfect addition to any prayer quilt or banner if you don't have the time or inclination to rotary cut your own. This one is on my personal "wish list"!

These are very nice panels to incorporate into a prayer quilt, each with a passage from Scripture: The Lord's Prayer, 23rd Psalm, Ecclesiastes (a time for everything) and 1 Corinithians.


Doves on Mottled Beige from the Joy Collection by Timeless Treasures are an excellent choice for a prayer quilt with the theme of hope and peace

View this and other

Alexander Henry's Corazones - Milagros fabric is perfect to incorporate into any prayer quilt with images that recall the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Click the link above to find the hard to find tea stain version.

The same Alexander Henry Corazones fabric on black background. This works very well with the Our Lady of Guadalupe panels.

Bible Verses on Deep Navy express faith, hope, love, joy, mercy , grace and prayer with their scripture references. Perfect for a more modern themed prayer quilt Link to this fabric soon - View Other

Be Thankful from VIP Cranston Village Quilting Fabric features leaves tossed over the words "There is always something to be thankful for." While it could be used as a Thanksgiving tablecloth, it presents a powerful message in a prayer quilt as a reminder to give thanks for the trials God sends. Link Coming Soon

Birds of the Air quilting fabric from Springs Industries is a wonderful choice for use in a Catholic prayer quilt for anyone who is struggling, especially in these days of trial.

The panels featuring the 23rd Psalm are intended for use as a pillow, but you can easily snip them to use as panels in a larger prayer quilt. The panel shown above is 16" x 15".

Simple Christian themed blocks with images of faith and quotes from Holy Scripture and the Prayer of Saint Francis are 7" square. From the Wing and a Prayer Collection by Timeless Treasures. A thrifty way to incorporate specialty blocks into a prayer quilt using simpler patterns.

Sweet Prayer Quilt blocks featuring segments of Holy Scripture from the well loved 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. Each block measures 4" x 5".

From Bernartex Link coming soon

A very beautiful fabric set for a prayer quilt. It features an all over design and two panels

Only two of these left with ! I recently received some from them and was delighted.

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