Costumes You DON’T Want On Your Child

It’s hard to believe that any parent would dress their child up like a French Maid or Dominatrix and send them out into the street at night to ask strangers for candy.

It’s like encouraging pedophilia.

And it’s harder still to imagine that there is a place right in your neighborhood where you can meet other parents and do just that. 

The first week in October our daily newspaper –  Newsday – was bursting with advertisements.   One featured Halloween costumes from a company called Party City.

We didn’t really pay much attention to it. Ghouls and vampires have no appeal in this household.  Later that night, we visited a neighbor’s restaurant and brought him up to date on our Catholic Costume business.  Our normally jovial neighbor’s face turned purple and he said he had to show us something. It was this flyer.

The father of two little girls, Bob was sickened by the “Girls Costumes” page. (See scan top right.)

“We have to do something about this,” he said. “It’s disgusting.”

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

There’s no doubt that we are now living in a world that has gone mad – but this crosses whatever slender line of decency was left in the world of Halloween costumes. The pictures speak for themselves.

See if you agree. If you do, contact them and let them know just want you think. And while you’re at it – contact the newspapers that distributed this flyer and let THEM know what you think.

Party City Advertising Flyer

Click on the image to enlarge to full size – but

we warn you – it IS disgusting.

What parents in their right minds would dress their little girl up like this?  Frankly, we think any one who does should be reported to CPS. 

Below are some of the more disturbing costumes. We think they cross the line. 

Do you agree? Let us know.

Better yet – let them know.

Apparently lots of our readers do agree and we’ve received an avalanche of email.

 Here are a few of the comments

As you look through these photos, you’ll understand why Catholic Home and Garden  put so much effort into promoting wholesome children’s costumes for All Saints Day.

If you think our effort is worthwhile we ask you to consider placing an order for next year.

The response to our saintly costumes has been overwhelming and we are no longer accepting orders for guaranteed delivery this season – only limited standby orders. Your pre-order for next year or Christmas will help us to expand to serve more Catholic parents next year.

Thank you!

Our Readers Respond:

The readers of Catholic Home and Garden’s website always have wonderful feedback and ideas to share, but we can’t recall an issue that has elicited such a volume of response.

Here is a sampling of the hundreds of emails we’ve received on the first day we put this page up.

“We agree that some of the costumes being portrayed and being sold for little girls is completely disgusting.     Parents need to understand that sending your children out dressed this way is very wrong.  All these costume companies want to do is make money. Funny, Jesus said that the love of money is evil and He is soooo right.” – W&DK


“And some wonder why our children are more at risk in these times! These “costumes” are a delight for Satan and all his minions who prowl throughout the world to devour the souls of our little ones! May God enlighten these business jokers before it is too late. – DS”

“Oh, yes, I let them know!  In a nice, secularly-acceptable, to-the-point tone!  Thanks for the info.!  God bless you and yours.” – D.O.


“I have noticed these ads for a few years.  I think they may even be worse than the Bratz baby dolls that make me cringe every time I see them.  I emailed the company, and also made a desicion NOT to take my 4 children shopping at party city this year for their costumes.  Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention.” BM

“I cannot believe it and have sent a message to the company. Thank you for the article.”  – TV

“When civilizations begin using children for sex and/or as sex objects it is a sign of moral decay that normally ends in the destruction of that civilization. Thank you for forcing people to face reality.” – DM

“This is unbelievably low-down…and I have sent a message to them with all my thoughts….thank you.”

‘I see the costumes and I also see what is going on in our society. When I was growing up and in elementary school (I’m 56 now) we had a book that was given to us called THINK AND DO. I’m sure there are many who remember this book.  Maybe a book like this should be reintroduced into the schools. (Our note: This is not too likely since Governor Schwarzenegger recently banned any mention of “Mom and Dad” and “husband and wife” have been banned in California schools because it might be offensive to gays. Read more here.)

Many of the books we used in those days taught us not only academics but taught us the meaning of setting good examples for others. Good examples such as charity, modesty, cleanliness and being kind and considerate of others’ feelings.

Children have lost their innocence. They have been brought up by their grandparents, or strangers. As a result there is no bonding taking place between the child and his or her parents. I don’t know what kind of bonding can take place between grandparents or care-givers with their grandchildren or another parent’s children? But I don’t believe that it can ever be the same as the closeness that there needs to be between children and their parents. 

A terrible thing happened here in Western New York earlier this year.  A stay-at-home- mother had just dropped her young son off at a day care center and drove off to go jogging on a bike path in a remote area. Unfortunately she never returned to pick her son back up. She was killed by a notorious bike path rapist and killer while jogging that day. When her father was asked about the kind of person she was, he said that she cared a lot about her health and being fit. I can’t help but think about what she sacrificed and gave up that day for her health and fitness.

I know that prayer helps. And I know how important it is to pray for our children. I have a son and daughter. I pray for them and I am always asking others to pray for them also.  Maybe one day, due to what may result from the decay of the values and standards of society’s children, is that the parents of these children will with no other choice, resort to falling on their knees in prayer. We must pray for the parents of these children and we must pray for one another 

May God bless us and may Mary keep us under Her Mantle – MLS

DL writes:  This the letter I wrote to Party City.  Thanks for the reminder.  I was stunned when I was in the store last week, but forgot once I got home.


I took my 6yo daughter to your Alpharetta location last week to get her some angel wings for her Halloween costume.  Since she is rarely in the store, she was naturally intrigued by all the pictures of children in costumes.

 “Mommy, why is that little girl dressed like that?” was directed at several outlandish costumes in the photos.  In stead of being able to let her enjoy seeing the children dressed in cute and clever costumes, I wound up pulling her away from the huge display.

When she spotted the “adult” costumes displayed high where you couldn’t NOT see them, I had to remove her from the department.  I left the store with the feeling that I had just visited a sleazy “Spencer’s Gift Shop.” 

    Is there really a market for costumes that help a little girl dress like a French Maid?  A gangster with a gun? A toddler girl as a devil with a bare tummy? To have a pre-teen dress as a “Devil Bride?”  Or did you feel it was your civic responsibility to create such morally bereft costumes?

    My visit to your store this “season” has definitely changed my view of your company.

    I hope you change your costume strategy for next year.  Until then I will be purchasing my “party” goods elsewhere.

She received an automated response: I am no longer with Party City Corporation.  If you have any Seasonal questions, please contact Jennifer King @x 8757 or Nancy Petracca @ x 8845

Don’t you think the parents would have better sense than to buy this kind of costume? This is what keeps companies like this in business. It all boils back down to the upbringing of the child. Simply don’t buy that kind of costume and the company will quit manufacturing them.

That costume is disgusting. Just look at the disgusting costumes worn in San Francisco at the Fulsom Street Parade. That was disgusting!  It’s no wonder our society is producing distasteful Halloween costumes for for our children and grandchildren. If our Justice System, our police, etc sanctions immorality, it’s no wonder our precious young ones are in peril.

I wholeheartedly agree but it is much worse then that. Go to and see with your own eyes the “Happy Priest” and “Pregnant Nun ” costumes. These are being distributed and sold in stores nationwide. Please help us by joining in a boycott of these companies that contribute to Anti-Catholic bigotry let alone the disgusting and illicit nature of these costumes. Our children see these costumes and I wonder what goes through their heads. Thank you for your help

Thank you to everyone who has written to us about this issue.

We encourage you to write not only to these companies, but to spread the word to your friends and families.  We can make a difference!

Blessings ~ Christine

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