Celebrating Baptism

Gifts for Baby – Mother and Father to Be – Godparents – Now With Wish List

Baptismal FontWhat do babies really need? Cuddles. Food. Clean diapers. And lots of love. The celebration of Baptism is a uniquely special event. An infant’s soul receives an indelible mark from the Holy Spirit that marks him or her for all eternity as a child of God. We’ve put together a collection of special gifts for baby, mother to be and Godparents that speak of faith and joy and God’s endless love.


At this particular stage in my life, I thought I was pretty much done thinking about baby gifts.  My friends and family are older and our only child has his heart set on a life in service to the church.  Then wonderful things  happened.  My husband’s nephew and wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who was Baptized in Venezuela. Then my nephew and his wife, who are both a little bit older, had twins. Good things come in three’s.  In imitation of her patron, Saint Elizabeth,  my former partner in music ministry announced that she was expecting. God is good and new life continues to flourish. Here is a selection of solidly Catholic gifts to celebrate that first Sacrament.  If you are the parents of a new baby, why not take the time to create a wish list for the sacramentals you’d like your infant to receive?

Books for Baby and Parents, too

Catholic Children’s Bibles and Prayer Books are classic Christening gifts.  Reading stories from Scripture and praying with baby is a way to begin the tradition of Christian life in your family.

Moms and Dads need prayers, too. Their new role as parents can be overwhelming and even frightening. We’ve found a few books that will help them turn to the only source of help: God.

A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

A Catholic Child’s Baptismal Bible

Catholic Babys First Bible

Catholic Baby’s First Bible

Catholic Prayer Book For Mothers

Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers

Prayers For A New Mother

Prayers for a New Mother

Prayers For A New Father

Prayers for a New Father

Gods Gift Of Love A Baby Boy

God’s Gift of Love – A Baby Boy

Catholic Babys First Prayer Book

A Catholic Baby’s First Prayer Book

Baby Come To Church

Baby, Come to Church!

The Joyous Gift Of Motherhood

The Joyous Gift of Motherhood

Your Childs Baptism

Your Child’s Baptism

Is It A Saints Name

Is It A Saint’s Name?

Crib or Cradle Medallions

Crib Medallions are an old tradition among Catholic parents who place baby in the care of Guardian Angels or the Blessed Mother while they sleep.

In some cultures, an image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is preferred. Here are a few to choose from.

Find other crib medallions here

Crib Medallion Blue

Guardian Angel Crib Medallion Blue

Engravable Crib Medal Pink

Engraveable Crib Medallion Pink

Crosses and Crucifixes

There is no surer sign of our Life in Christ than the Cross. As a gift for a new baby, there are many to choose from. Some parents are not comfortable with hanging a traditional Crucifix over baby’s bed. I was one of them, but at this point in life, I believe it is one of the best ways for a child to learn about Our Lord’s love for us.

If you’d prefer another design, there is a wide range of colorful Crosses with blessings, Lambs, Angels, Noah’s Ark and other themes. There are also simple Crosses featuring a shell, which is the symbol of Baptism. If you don’t like any that you see pictured, there are more here

Babys First Crucifix Pink Pearl

Baby’s First Crucifix Pink Pearl

Babys First Crucifix Pink

Baby’s First Crucifix Wood

Baptized In Christ Jerusalem Stone Standing Crucifix

Baptized in Christ Jerusalem Stone Crucifix

Baby With Angels Wall Cross

Sleeping Baby with Guardian Angels

Babys Baptism Cross Girl

Quilt Motif Baptism Cross Pink or Blue

Noahs Ark Cross Baptism Gift

Noah’s Ark Cross

Pewter Baptism Cross

Pewter Baptism Cross with Guardian Angel

Lamb Baptism Cross

You Are A Child of God Lamb Cross

Pewter Baptism Cross With Gold Shell

Pewter Baptismal Cross with Gold Shell

Pewter Baptismal Blessing Cross

Pewter Baptismal Blessing Cross with Shell

Porcelain Baby Baptism Cross

Porcelain Baby Baptism Blessing Cross


Little figurines are always special keepsakes to remind us of God’s goodness the gift of a child. There are many to choose from, including musical figures, sweet babies wrapped in angel wings and many more. Our favorites are in imitation of the Holy Family who are there to give us hope and inspiration if only we ask. Also take a look at the special brands like Precious Moments and Jim Shore at Abbey Press. Your purchase there helps to support their monastery.

A Dads Prayer To Saint Joseph

A Dad’s Prayer to Saint Joseph

A Moms Prayer To Mary

A Mom’s Prayer to Mary

Baby With Angels Figurine

Musical Baby with Lullaby Angels

Baby In Angel Wings Snowglobe

Baby in Angel Wings Snow Globe

Sleeping Baby In Angel Wings

Sleeping Baby in Angel Wings

Irish Baby Gifts

Perhaps no group of Catholics has a stronger ethnic identity than the Irish! Here are a few Baptism gift ideas that will reinforce that new child’s sense of Catholicism in the great Irish tradition!

This is just a small selection of what’s available. See more here

Celtic Baby Rosary Bracelet

Silver Plated Celtic Rosary Baby Bracelet

Claddagh Baby Cup

Claddagh Baby Cup

Framed Irish Baptism Prayer For Boy

Framed Irish Baptismal Prayer

Irish Crib Medal Gift Set

Irish Crib Medal

Saint Brigid Pendant

Saint Brigid Pendant Patron of Babies

Gifts for Godparents

The choice of Godparents is important to the continuing life of a child in Christ. Most parents like to give a little gift as a memento of the special day and also as a reminder to keep that little one in prayer!

Find more here – including picture frames, bears and much more.

Godmother Marble Plaque

Godmother Marble Plaque

Godmother Mug

Godmother Mug

Holy Bears

Everyone loves Teddy Bears.  The Holy Bears line not only brings the cuddly comfort we all know and love, but a message of God’s love for us as well.

Here are a few choices, but there are many more including Divine Mercy, Mary and Saints.

Baptism Bear Holy Bears

Baptism Bear

Guardian Angel Bear

Guardian Angel Bear

Godchild Bear

Godchild Bear

God Parent Bear

Godparent Bear

Saint Gerard Bear

Saint Gerard Bear

Holy Medals for Babies and Moms

One of the most cherished traditions of Catholic life is the wearing of a Holy Medal or Crucifix. I still have the one given to me by my own Godmother which was a mustard seed in a heart. Many images, like the Miraculous Medal, are associated with blessings and special favors. Wearing the Crucifix identifies us so completely as Catholics. The selection of an infant’s first Holy Medal is, indeed, a special decision.

Don’t forget to have it blessed.

Rosary Bracelet Baby Set

Baby Rosary Bracelet and Pin Set

Childrens Crucifix Medallion Gold Silver

Children’s Crucifix Gold on Sterling with Chain

Childrens Four Way Medal Gold Sterling

Children’s Four Way Medal Gold on Sterling

Childrens Miraculous Medal Heart Gold Sterling

Children’s Miraculous Heart Medal Gold on Silver

Crucifix Baby Pin

Sterling Baby Crucifix Pin Engraveable

Childrens Miraculous Medal Gold Sterling

Children’s Miraculous Medal Gold on Sterling

Saint Gerard Holy Medal

Saint Gerard Holy Medal Gold on Sterling

St Clare Medal

Patron Saint Medals

Memory Boxes and Albums

When a child is older, looking through the cherished mementos of that special Christening Day is a beautiful way to teach the faith. Here are an assortment of the many albums and boxes available. I especially like “My Christian Passport” which marks a child’s journey through life as a Catholic.

Find more here along with matching pieces

Baptism Keepsake Box

Baptism Keepsake Box

My Christian Passport Sacramental Record

My Christian Passport

Pewter Baptismal Memory Box

Pewter Christening Memory Box

Baby Baptism Remembrance Album

Baptism Remembrance Album

Child Of God Fabric Photo Album

Child of God Fabric Photo Album

Baptism Picture Frames

Photos of baby on that special Christening day and treasured images of the Godparents are pictures you will want to display in a special way. I love the Miracle of Life Sonogram frame which lets your child know how much you loved him or her before birth.

You’ll also find many to give as gifts to Godparents and Grandparents, too

My Baptism Fabric Picture Frame

My Baptism Fabric Picture Frame

Baptism Underglazed Photo Frame

Baptism Under-glazed Picture Frame

Baptism Signature Frame Girl

Baptism Signature Picture Frame

The Miracle Of Life Sonogram Frame

The Miracle of Life Sonogram Frame

My Baptism Shadow Box Boy

My Baptism Shadow Box Frame

Baptism Plaques and Artwork

Every new parent loves to decorate baby’s room, but why not include some pieces that celebrate the little one’s new life in the Lord?

Perhaps your taste is for the bright and colorful, but don’t discount the long lasting effects of traditional art on a child’s heart.

More to choose from here

A Childs Virtues Plaque

Child’s Rainbow of Virtues

Baby Boy Postcard From Heaven

Postcard from Heaven – Take Care of Baby – Love, God

L Innocence Bougereau Prayer Baptism

L’Innocence by Bougereau with Prayer

God Danced The Day You Were Born

God Danced the Day You Were Born Items

Guardian Angels And Infant

Guardian Angels and Little Infant

Holy Cards and Invitations

Holy cards are a well-loved Catholic tradition and now you can give them to your guests as you ask for continued prayers all through the life of God’s newly Christened soul.

Your invitation is a special document, too, that speaks volumes about the true nature of the event.

Baptism Prayer Card

Baptism Prayer Card

Baptism Invitation Pack

Baptism Greeting Cards and Invitations

Infant Baptism Rosaries

There are few things more beneficial that you can do for your child than to instill a love of the Holy Rosary. It is a prayer that belongs in every family – every day.

These beautiful rosaries will be cherished by your child for years to come and when he or she is old enough, you can begin to teach the prayers.

Find many more Baptism Rosaries Here

Baptism Rosary

Baptism Rosary Silver Christening Shell

Crystal Rosary Baby Bracelet Pink

Pink Crystal and Sterling Baby Rosary Bracelet


Kiddee Rosary With White Ribbon

Kiddie Rosary and Crucifix Set



Blue Cats Eye Baby Rosary

Blue Cats Eye Rosary Guardian Angel Box

Guardian Angel Baby Rosary

Guardian Angel Rosary

Baptism Gift Basket for Boys and Girls

Christening Baptism Gift Basket Boy

The perfect gift for a newly baptized baby. Tailored for a boy or girl.

Comes in a natural bamboo basket, covered in cellophane and topped with a bow in pink or blue. At $46.95 it takes the guess work out of gift giving for a brand new Catholic!


A Catholic Baby’s First Prayer Book

Guardian Angel Crib Medal w/ Blue or Pink Ribbon

Guardian Angel Bear

Standing Baptismal Cross – 5 inch

Baptism Prayer Card

Luminous Kiddie Rosary

Personalized Baptism Gift Basket for Girls or Boys

Personalized Christening Baptism Gift Basket

A personalized version of the Baptism gift basket for a Catholic baby. This one comes in a white washed bamboo basket, covered with cellophane wrap and topped with a bow in pink or blue. $59.95 for a worry free gift that is just right for that new life.


A Catholic Child’s Baptismal Bible – Personalized for Baby!

Guardian Angel Crib Medal w/ Blue or Pink Ribbon

Guardian Angel Bear

Standing Baptismal Cross – 5 inch

Baptism Prayer Card

Luminous Kiddie Rosary




































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I never intended to run a Catholic antiquities and book business. Not in a million years. As a cradle Catholic, I grew up in a house that was filled with Catholic images and sacramentals not to mention an abundance of excellent books provided by family members who worked in publishing houses famous for their Catholic catalogues. The beautiful images and concepts presented in those books certainly had their effect in enhancing my identity as a Catholic. As the years passed, even in the midst of very un-Catholic settings, I became a repository for my friends’ Catholic “found objects.” Eventually, I had a family of my own. We’re a small family. There are just three of us. And two of us were born with the “junk collecting gene.” Garage sales attracted us like a magnet.

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