Catholic Costumes Saints Who Were Kings

Our Catholic history is brimming with Saints who were called to serve their countries as royal leaders. What a unique vocation!

The possibilities for costumes for these Saintly leaders are endless.

  1. Saint Aethelbert King of Kent
  2. Saint Canute King of Denmark
  3. Blessed Charles The Good First Count of Flanders
  4. Saint Constantine the Great
  5. Saint David King of Scotland
  6. Saint Edward the Confessor Anglo-Saxon King of England
  7. Saint Edwin King of Northumbria
  8. Saint Ferdinand King of Castile and Leon
  9. Saint Henry II German King and Roman Emperor
  10. Blessed Humbert III Count of Savoy
  11. Saint Ladislas I King of Hungary
  12. Saint Louis IX King of France
  13. Saint Olaf of Norway
  14. Saint Stephen the Great King of Hungary

We invite you to explore the brief biographies below of each Saint.

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The Royal SaintsCostumes Fit for a King
king20aethelbert-5964724Saint Aethelbert King of Kent – A kindly Saint, he was converted to Catholicism when Pope Gregory the Great sent missionaries to the Isle to spread Christianity. They were none other than Saint Augustine and companions who arrived, chanting litanies, and carrying a silver cross and portrait of Our Lord painted on wood. King Aethelbert, following his conversion, helped them to build Churches and gave his own palace to the Archbishop.  Read MoreKing Costumechild20king-9992159This King Costume with Royal Robe looks and feels so authentic!  Features a cape with faux fur trim, a satiny shirt, knickers and a gold  belt.  Scepter and crown sold separately.  Only $29.95!
saint20canute-6458983Saint Canute King of Denmark – A King who was as ambitious for the Church and throne as he was devout. He knelt before the Cross and offered his own crown to the King of Kings: Jesus. He vigorously attempted to increase the royal power in Denmark and attempted to take the British throne. As a champion of the Church he issued laws to care for the poor, orphans and widows and also attempted to enforce tithing! He was killed by rebels as he knelt in prayer – forgiving them for their rebellion. Read MoreWarrior Kingking20arthur20child-2696858Saintly Kings often had to lead their men into battle, and here is a costume fit for that kingly task!  Includes a tunic, coat of arms, cowl and cape. Crown and sword sold separately.
blessed20charles-8249067Blessed Charles The Good

First Count of Flanders – The son of Saint Canute, he was noted for his great kindness to the poor and distributed bread to them during a famine. During this terrible time of hunger some people who had grain where hoarding it for themselves and selling it for very high prices. Saint Charles tried to stop this and made the greedy people very angry so they killed him while he was in Church. Charles walked barefoot to Mass every day.  Read More

King With Royal Red Robeking20david-1662712A royal red and blue velvet finish cape with red knickers and a royal crown make a kingly presence befitting of any royal saint.
saint20constantine-9629885Saint Constantine the Great – The son of Saint Helena, he was declared Emperor of England after the death of his father and is often called the “Thirteenth Apostle” in the Eastern Churches. According to legend, it was this warrior Saint who adopted the Chi Rho – a symbol of Christ – for use on his labarum (a military standard to carry a banner) and his royal purple banners were embroidered with IHS – In Hoc Signo – In the This Sign Conquer – and so defeated the pagans. Constantine presided over the Council of Nicea, although he was only truly converted to Christianity on his deathbed. Read MoreWarrior Kingwarrior20king-1307682This kingly warrior fought for the faith in an authentic costume featuring a headpiece, cowl, tunic with knighthood crest on chest and black and silver boot tops.

How can you go wrong for $26.97?

saint20david-9600337Saint David King of ScotlandThe son of Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint David did not want to be king, but once he accepted, he ruled with kindness, especially to the poor. His door was always open to his subjects who saw in his love of prayer, a great example. He established a new diocese and built many monasteries. Read MoreA Prince Becomes a Kingprince20charming-3689266Many of the Saintly Kings stepped into their roles as very young men. This costume Costume includes a white jacket with long sleeves with ruffle cuffs, gold embroidery, gold buttons and belt and a pair of black pants. Crown and sword not included.
saint20edward20the20confessor-7267107Saint Edward the Confessor Anglo-Saxon King of England  Ironically, Saint Edward and his brother were sent into exile when Saint Canute invaded England. They were to be put to death, but their captor took pity on them and Saint Edward was sent off to be educated by the King of Hungary where he developed a love of religious study. When he returned to England and took the throne, he was a kind and just king, who repealed unjust taxation, helped the poor and strangers. He married but remained chaste in keeping with his great piety. He built many churches including Westminster Abbey. He is reputed to be able to heal by touch. When he was building a Church in honor of St. John the Baptist, a pilgrim appeared to ask for alms in the saint’s name. Saint Edward removed the gold ring from his finger and gave it to the stranger – who then revealed himself to be Saint John the Baptist! Read a story for children here.Warrior King with Black and Gold Capewarrior20king20with20cape-1541525Another regal looking warrior king with a flowing black and gold cape. Set includes black and gold tunic with coat of arms, cape, sleeves and pants.
king20edwin-1733097Saint Edwin King of Northumbria -Saints seem to run in families and so it is no surprise that Saint Edwin was married to the daughter of Saint Aethelbert. He was a good and kind King who was martyred in a battle against the pagans. Read Moreroyal20blue20crown-7163468

Royal Blue Crown

saint20ferdinand-5508160Saint Ferdinand King of Castile and Leon – A member of the Third Order of Saint Francis, this saint was born in a monastery. He married Beatrice, a virtuous princess, and had seven children with her. He united the kingdoms of Castile and Leon, and fought to remove the Saracen influence from Spain so that Catholicism could be practiced everywhere. He greatest goal as King was the propagation of the faith. He turned the mosques into Cathedrals of these places into cathedrals, dedicating them to the Blessed Virgin. He watched over the conduct of his soldiers, caring more for their virtue than their valor and he himself fasted strictly. wearing a rough hair shirt and spending nights in prayer especially before battle.  He was buried beneath a statue of the Virgin Mary and many miracles are said to have occurred at his tomb.  Read Moreroyal20scepter-2613110Royal Scepter
saint20henry20ii-1756329Saint Henry II German King and Roman Emperor – A kind and just King, he is remembered for his care of the poor, his great justice, and for defending the Church. Married to Saint Cunegund, they lived a vow of perpetual chastity. After her death, he wished to abdicate the throne and live as a monk, but was persuaded to continue his imperial vocation. He is buried in Bamburg Cathedral, which he founded. Read Morekings20jeweled20crown-7081831King’s Jeweled Crown
humbert20iii-8375663Blessed Humbert III Count of Savoy – Originally from Italy, Humbert was educated in France by Saint Amadeus of Lausanne. He married and continued a life a piety and prayer. When his wife died, he retreated to a monastery, but was called out to marry again. His second wife died in childbirth and once again he married producing a son. He returned to the monastery where it is said he died. His descendants were the guardians of the Shroud of Turin. Read moreking20queen20robe-7978664Royal Robe!

Make your own Saintly King Costume!

A white turtle neck and black slacks or sweatpants team up with this royal red cape lined in “fur” for only $13.97

Add an inexpensive crown or make your own.

saint20ladislas-9030674Saint Ladislas I King of Hungary A Knight and a King, he lived a chaste life as he sought to restore the just laws of Saint Stephen. The appearance of Angels is associated with Saint Ladislas. It is said that at his coronation, a stag with candles burning at the tips of it’s antlers appeared. When questioned about it, he said, those are not antlers but wings, and not candles but radiant feathers and where he stands I will build a Church for the Virgin Mary. Read More (Scroll down a little for article)King’s Crown
saint20louis20ix-6266817Saint Louis IX King of France – The Crusader King was known for his kindness, fairness and piety. A highly educated man, he became king at the age of 12 with his mother acting as his closest advisor. He built hospitals for lepers, promoted the church, and assisted mendicant orders and promoted synodal decrees of the Church. He was courageous and diplomatic and as a chivalrous knight went on two crusades. He died of the plague on his second trip to the Holy Land. Read Moreking20robe20and20crown20set-2791327King’s Robe and Crown SetReady-made Saintly Royalty with a “fur” trimmed robe and Crown
olympus-digital-camera-33Saint Olaf of Norway – This warrior king spent most of his youth as a Norse raider until he was baptized. When he returned home and ascended to the throne he fought the invasion of Danes and Swedes into Norway and asked for missionaries to spread Christianity throughout the nation. Since he spent most of his life as a warrior, he took that approach to Christianity and attempted to convert by the sword.  While this technique was certainly unpopular, his goal was to fight Satan and the powers of hell.  Ahead of his time, he established Olaf’s Law which included prayer to Christ for peace, required newborn babies to be allowed to live and not abandoned in fields or forests, slaves were to be ransomed each year, polygamy was forbidden, and severe penalties were exacted for rape and the kidnapping of women. Olaf himself traveled the length of Norway promoting his new Christian Law, and he insisted that it be applied equally upon both rich and poor. Unfortunately, he was viewed as harsh soon overthrown and sent into exile in Russia. While he was not popular, after his death, many miracles occurred at his tomb and he was soon revered.  Read Morecrusader20king-7186191Crusader KingOur King Crusader is ready to take on any enemy of the church and to protect his people. Includes red tunic with gold emblem on chest and mesh-like sleeves and trim at waist, black pants, mesh-like hood with attached gold colored crown, and black boot tops with mesh-like trim. Only $22.99
saint20stephen20of20hungary-3103586Saint Stephen the Great King of Hungary – When this Christian King mounted the throne, much of his country was pagan, and many of those pagans were fierce and violent. Placing his entire kingdom under the protection of Mary, Mother of God, his reign was blessed and many came into the faith. The Pope sent him a special blessed crown that is treasured to this day.  Saint Stephen loved the poor and would often go about in disguise, giving out gifts of money to the destitute. One day, some ruffians knocked him down and beat him, taking his money pouch. They had no idea this was their king.  He did not become angry, but prayed to the Blessed Virgin, and forgave them.  He gave support to Christian leaders, upheld the Holy See, and was a patron who built many Churches. Read Moregold20trimmed20robe-4196771Gold Trimmed King’s RobeIncludes Royal Robe, Crown and Scepter for the King who serves Christ in his kingdom!





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