Catholic Costumes

In 2006, Catholic Home and Garden introduced an exclusive line of costumes for Catholic children made by American farm women. We were overwhelmed by the positive response and flooded with inquiries for costumes in adult sizes. Our team of seamstresses are working on costumes for adults - but their focus is now expanding the line of Catholic costumes for children.

In the meanwhile, we've partnered with some other companies here in the USA and have put together several pages of costumes by category for adults and children.

Please be aware that these companies do carry a full range of costumes - some of which you might find to be distasteful, so please just stick to the links. We apologize for the need to scroll around, but their source codes are quite wide.

Can you imagine little children ringing your doorbell hoping to find a treat only to find ...Our Lord and His Mother?

Now that's a real Treat!

Priest - Pope - Cardinal - Monk - Friar

Angel Costumes and Wings


Special Catholic Saint Costumes Made in the USA

Our Best Source – Same Day Shipping – Click on image to view larger costume and information

Our Lord Jesus Christ - Can You Imagine Answering the Door Like This?

Julius Caesar or Pontius Pilate

Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown

Jesus Wig and Beard

Catholic Queens and Noble Women

Catholic Kings and Nobel Men

Crown of Thorns - Save for Passion Play

Large Crown of Thorns - Why is this on a woman?

Catholic Priests – Seminarians – Friars – Nuns Costumes

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Don't forget the rich tradition of

Catholic Kings and Queens

Christmas - Full range including

Mary, Joseph, Wisemen and More

Just Need a Crown?  Lots to select from. These are about $7 each.

The one on the right has a nice Cross motif, too!

Cross Crown

              Jewel Crown

CLEARANCE COSTUMES – 10 to 50% OFF! Save on items we are closing out!

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Christine Hirschfeld

I never intended to run a Catholic antiquities and book business. Not in a million years. As a cradle Catholic, I grew up in a house that was filled with Catholic images and sacramentals not to mention an abundance of excellent books provided by family members who worked in publishing houses famous for their Catholic catalogues. The beautiful images and concepts presented in those books certainly had their effect in enhancing my identity as a Catholic. As the years passed, even in the midst of very un-Catholic settings, I became a repository for my friends’ Catholic “found objects.” Eventually, I had a family of my own. We’re a small family. There are just three of us. And two of us were born with the “junk collecting gene.” Garage sales attracted us like a magnet.
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