Catholic Costumes for Children and Adults

Children learn and grow as they play.  Fifty years agolittle boys role playing mirrored the vocations of police officer, cowboy, soldier or fireman. Girls were nurses, teachers and, of course, mothers. Sometimes playtime mirrored vocations in the Church.  Today’s children are more likely to play at becoming sports stars or rock stars – perhaps because no one has introduced them to saintly alternatives. Playing at being a saint is a wonderful way to grow in virtue and sanctity. It doesn’t matter if your child is home schooled, in Catholic school or attends public school. The lives of the Saints are action packed and worthy of imitation.

Learning about Our Lord and Our Lady and the glorious saints who lived and died in His Name are lessons that will last an eternity.

Many Catholic school children participate in All Saints Day pageants and are asked to make presentations about the Saints.  They join a long tradition of Saints, themselves, who have participated in plays about members of the Church triumphant. 

Perhaps the best known is the beloved Saint Therese who played the title role in a play she wrote in honor of Saint Joan of Arc.  She is pictured below in the costume she created – complete with a ball and chain!


Too often, we hear, the children are sad when it’s time to put away their costumes. There’s no need.  You can keep those Saintly activities going all year long with Name Day parties and opportunities for children to create their own plays about the Saints.

We hope you will explore our children’s books about the Saints to provide exciting reading while inspiring them to grow in courage and holiness – two qualities that go hand in hand!

Most families are more than a little worried aboutfinances these days. We are pleased, however to offer new resources for much less expensive costumes and tips on how to make your own even if you can’t sew!

Compare our price for a Saint Elizabeth of Hungary costume with our old source – $35 less – over half off!


Saint Francis of Assisi is half the price!


Mothers have enough stress with just getting from one end of the day to the other, you really don’t need the extra anxiety about whether or not your costume will arrive on time and with all the correct pieces.  These companies offer worry free same day shippingwithout unreasonable high shipping costs.

I, too, can do without the stress of wondering if your order will be going out on time — or if you’ll get it at all. That’s why we’ve partnered with several large companies who are able to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Please be aware that some of the companies we link to do carry a full range of costumes – some of which you might find to be distasteful, so please just stick to the links we’ve provided. Trust me, I’ve gone through nearly all of their pages. I know what’s there, both good and bad.

You don’t need to tell me about it.

Like everything else in life:

Take the good, leave the bad.




Jesus, Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Martha, Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke, Saint Andrew, Saint John, Saint Jude, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Bartholomew, Saint James, Saint Matthias, Saint Phillip, Saint Simon, Saint Thomas


X Costumes for Saints Who Were Priests – Popes  Monks and Friars

Saint Ignatius, Saint Isaac Jogues, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Anthony, Saint John Neumann, Saint John Vianney, Saint Pius X, Pope John Paul the Great



X Costumes for Saints Who Were Nuns

ê Saint Therese ê Mother Teresa ê Saint Teresa of Avila ê Saint Rose of Lima ê Saint Catherine of Siena ê Saint Margaret Mary ê Saint Jane Frances de Chantal ê Saint Faustina Kowalska ê Saint Catherine Laboure ê Saint Bridget of Ireland ê Saint Bernadette

X Costumes for Saints Who Were Kings and Queens

The Kings V Saint Aethelbert King of Kent  V Saint Canute King of Denmark V Blessed Charles The Good First Count of Flanders  V Saint Constantine the Great  V Saint David King of Scotland V Saint Edward the Confessor Anglo-Saxon King of England   V Saint Edwin King of Northumbria  V Saint Ferdinand King of Castile and Leon   V Saint Henry II German King and Roman Emperor    V Blessed Humbert III Count of Savoy  V Saint Ladislas I King of Hungary  V Saint Louis IX King of France V Saint Olaf of Norway  V Saint Stephen the Great King of Hungary 

The QueensV Saint Clotilde Queen of France V Saint Dymphna Daughter of a Pagan Irish King  V Saint Elisabeth of Hungary Queen  V Saint Elizabeth Queen of Portugal  V Saint Helena Empress V Saint Hedwig – Jadwiga Queen of Poland  V Saint Jeanne de Valois  V Saint Margaret of Scotland

X Costumes for Crusaders and Saints Who Were Warriors

V Saint Michael the Archangel V Saint George the Dragon Slayer V Saint Joan of Arc V Martyrs of Armorian V Pope Zachary V Saints Ursus and Victor V Saint Theophilus the Younger V Saint Sebastian V Saint Santius (Sancho) V Saint Nicholas Von de Flue V Saint Maurice and Companions V Saint Martin of Tours V Saint Louis V Saint Longinus V Saint Ladislas V Saint Julius The Veteran V Saint Jules V Saint Jerome Emiliani V Saint Henry V Saint Ignatius of Loyola V Saint Guibert V Saint Candidus and Companions V Saint Edmund V Saint Camillus de Lelis V Saint Barbara V Saint Anthemius V Saint Acasius VSaint Julian of Brioude

Costumes for Other Popular Saints

V Saint Agnes V Saint Agatha V Saint Cecilia V Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton V Blessed Kateri TekakwithaV Saint Lucy VSaint Maximilian Kolbe VSaint Juan Diego



You can never go wrong with an angel costume!





Just for Fun!

We now have licensed

Chronicles of Narnia


Lord of the Rings Costumes


Need Help Preparing Your All Saints Day Report?

Look Through These Great Titles for Anytime Catholic Reading

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