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Our Mission

Catholic Home and Garden is dedicated to these goals:
We rescue old Catholic devotional and ecclesiastical items to prevent them from falling into profane use or inappropriate disposal by offering them for sale to other Catholics or by donating select pieces to Catholic Churches. These come from the estates of deceased Catholic laity and deceased or retired Priests and Religious Sisters as well as parishes and Catholic schools that have been forced to close.
We maintain a photographic archive of vanishing material expressions of Catholicism to assist others with identification of arcane items as well as to preserve the traditions of Catholic culture in the home.
We repair and preserve Catholic artifacts that are still useful and share resources to encourage others in this effort.
We assist parishes and Catholic religious institutions and orders with fund raising and restoration by placing surplus religious goods in settings where they will be used in faith or origin. Read More
We offer resources to encourage Catholics to learn more about our heritage. The rich and varied traditions of our lives as Catholics is so vast, that it is impossible for us to offer a representation of more than a minute snapshot. In order to present a portion of what every Catholic should know, we offer new books and an assortment of sacramentals for the Catholic Home.
We assist other Catholics in their efforts to start their own Catholic rescue/preservation businesses through a network of dedicated and established Catholic businesses who give generously of their time and resources to Catholics who face economic hardship. To learn more about Catholic Auction Apostolate, .
We maintain a guild of established Catholic businesses who adhere to a code of ethics in Catholic sales, and utilizing our cumulative economic power, bring pressure on entities that inappropriately allow the sale of sacred items, such as the Eucharist and First Class Relics.
We are the founders of the (now defunct) Saint Isidore Catholic Sales Guild dedicated to ethics in Catholic sales. Learn more.

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