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In God We Trust


"Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you."  1 Peter 5:7

I'd like to invite you to change the world - a dollar at a time.  When you're done reading this, I'm going to ask you to get your wallets and take out every dollar bill you have. I'm not going to ask you to send them anywhere. I just want you to do something simple:

 Trust God.

These are at best stressful times for nearly everyone. Unemployment and foreclosure rates are skyrocketing. The cost of groceries seems to rise with each passing week. Keeping the lights on and ensuring that your family warm in winter and cool in the summer takes a bigger chunk out of every budget. For many internet service and cable television have become an unaffordable luxury. Even the more fortunate among us have watched in horror as the value of their investments shrivel and the volume of business slows to a near halt.

Faced with these fears, how many families come together to pray in affirmation:

 "In God We Trust"?


No church is immune. With dwindling donations, staffs and services are cut to the bone.  One by one, parishes and schools shut their doors.

How often does the Church come together to pray,


"In God We Trust"?

In the scramble to maintain our lifestyles, we negotiate, we bargain, and sometimes we beg. But it continues. Banks crash. Entire industries are bailed out pushing nations to the brink of collapse. It's lights out for small business. Jobs are lost. Darkened storefronts in the downtowns of every town gape like missing teeth in a once bright smile.

Somehow we continue to think that with the right maneuvers we can fix it all, but nothing seems to work. There is a very simple solution. You can find it on every dollar bill, every coin in your pocket:  

"In God We Trust"

Matthew 7:11

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children,

how much more shall your Father which is in heaven

give good things to them that ask him?



The project

Step One:  Get your wallet right now


Take out all the dollar bills of every denomination.

Grab a pen or a highlighter.

Circle or highlight the words "In God We Trust" on every single bill.

No cash on hand?

Go to the nearest ATM and get some now.


Step Two: Start paying with cash

Most of us pay for everything with credit or debit cards these days.

 I personally often find myself without a single dollar in my possession.

That's a shame for two reasons. First, we lose something very basic by foregoing the exchange of cash for goods or services. That "hand to hand" transaction is sterilized by the use of plastic. There's no "thank you" involved. Just swipe, grab your receipt and you're done.

Second, if we see someone in need, we don't necessarily have even a small amount of cash on hand to help out.

Circle the phrase in blue   


Circle it in red

Underline the word God


Circle it and say Amen!


Crown Him as your only King


Have faith that God alone will take care of you

Know that it is He Who brought you these dollars

Trust in God


Step Three:  Pray it.

Pray for the people who will receive these dollars

Pray that they will be blessed with God's loving care.  Pray that they will use these dollars for God's Glory.

Trust in God that the message will be seen by someone who needs to see it, at just the right moment.


Step Four: Say it.


Trust that God will get it to the ears that need to hear it

Trust that it will be passed along.


Step Five:  Teach It

Make sure your children know that all things

 come from God and that He will provide them

with everything they need

Help them to teach others to trust in God

Step Six:  Preach It

Suggest to your pastor that the people of God need to pray

"In God We Trust"

for the needs of the Church



Start putting marked cash in the basket

No one but God needs to know how much you give



Step Seven:

Pass it on

That's it.  In God We Trust.