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Making a Christian-themed prayer quilt for an infant or child is so right on so many levels and for so many reasons.

The perfect project for Right to Life groups - they make beautiful gifts for a mother to be. (And why not make one for mama, too? She'll need your prayers as well)  Prayer quilts for children who are suffering from a grave illness or who have had a terrible injury that will keep them home-bound for a while are gifts of God's love, too.  Any child who is ill or suffering will have a hard time focusing on the normal day to day amusements of today's children, but beautiful images of Our Lord and His Mother Mary will form lasting prayer images in their hearts and minds. 

Don't doubt His power to reach a little one through a simple image. 

As a matter of fact, a Christian themed prayer quilt is perfect for any infant or child whose natural curiosity will lead them to the Lord.  The images will stay with them for a lifetime. And as unusual and beautiful quilts, you can be sure that they will be treasured heirlooms for generations to come.

Sew ... what are you waiting for? Get stitching!

Learning to Pray

Absolutely adorable Victorian themed blocks are intended to be sewn together as a soft book, but snipped apart, they make a beautiful child's prayer quilt. Why not buy two and make one into a book to match?

Here is another piece that is meant to be sewn into a soft book but that can be combined into squares. I am using this one to make a prayer quilt for the new baby in our extended family - little Oliver.

Fluffy Sheep Quilting Fabric

Fluffy Sheep make an appropriate add on for a child's prayer quilt and it's never to early to teach them about the Good Shepherd.


 by Print Concepts is a sweet selection for creating a heavenly prayer quilt for baby

is another little book that can be turned into a quilt.  We like this one very much because it features darker skinned children which is an element hard to find in many Christian themed fabrics. Every child learns the Lord's Prayer, and this is a nice way to reinforce it.

is another colorful choice for a child's quilt. This, too, is intended for use in a book, but why not make a matching prayer quilt?

is another colorful fabric for a child's prayer quilt to teach the popular Old Testament story of salvation and trust in God.

by Debbie Mumm is another cheerful and interesting choice for a prayer quilt

is not a Christian themed fabric, but I think it works very nicely when these wholesome images are combined with brighter Christian themes to show a child that no matter what s/he does, God is there.

by Debbie Mumm is an attractive and bright small pattern to combine with other Noah fabrics

is another pattern from Debbi Mum. The possibilities with Noah are endless!

is a beautifully colorful fabric book that you can snip apart into quilt blocks. It is by Alvyn and features a sing along to the tune of Old McDonald

The matches the fabric book if you'd like to make both - and save time on snipping

by Debbie Mumm is still another version

are sweet squares that remind every child of his or her Guardian Angel. Great to mix with other fabrics.

Take a Look at the Angel Fabric Pages, Too

Do you have an eBay or other shop that sells Christian children's fabric? Let us know

Lots More to Follow Including How to Make Your Own Blocks and Celestial Backgrounds

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