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Books and Other Resources for Lent

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God gives us so many chances to draw closer to Him each day. Often we are too busy to pay attention and respond.

In its wisdom, Holy Mother Church provides liturgical seasons for us all, to focus our attention on the cycle of our lives and how they can best conform to the Life of Christ.

We encourage you to "turn off the noise" of the world. Make time for reading. Especially the Bible. Listen to Sacred Music. Place art in your home that will remind you of our Lord's Passion.

Here are some resources that we hope you will find useful. Your purchases at our partner sites are urgently needed to help fund a young man's studies for the Priesthood. Thank you in advance.


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Catholic Home and Garden

Top Choices for Lenten Reading

Devotional reading is an important aspect of Lenten discipline. The best choice, of course, is Holy Scripture. In order to deepen our relationship with the Suffering Christ, a guide is often useful. The eight books highlighted here are some that I've found to be especially helpful. Available from our partner company.

The School of Jesus Crucified

By Fr. Ignatius of the Side of Jesus. A famous book based on the theme of founding one's whole spiritual life on the lessons we learn from the Passion and Death of Jesus. Meditations for 31 days, examples from lives of Saints, and much more.

The Passion of Jesus and Its Hidden Meaning by Fr. James Groenings, S.J. One of the best meditations on the Passion and death of Jesus, taken entirely from the Bible. Lessons from each episode of the Passion. Eye opening and life changing

Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska - Divine Mercy in My Soul. The spiritual writings of the Polish nun who was instructed to bring the devotion to Divine Mercy to the world. Read it over Lent in preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday.

Fasting  A Positive Approach A small book, only $1, but one that is valuable. Basic insights on the practice of fasting and addresses such issues as: the difference between a religious and non-religious fast, the spiritual benefits of fasting, and changes in Church regulations. Essential Lenten Handbook  From the Redemptorist Fathers. Includes a history of Lent, Traditional hymns, the penitential nature of Lent, confession, Stations of the Cross, Rule of Life for Lent, prayers to Christ and Mary, Daily meditations cycles ABC
The Week of Salvation     History and Traditions of Holy Week. Comprehensive details of scriptural, liturgical, and devotional dimensions of Holy Week. Historical origins and development of the liturgical ceremonies and devotional practices throughout the world. What Jesus Saw From the Cross Share Christ's passion as if you were there- jostled by the crowds, share the Last Supper with the disciples, stare into the faces of His accusers, and look down at the milling crowd as He dies on the Cross. Did He see you? The Spear  A panoramic novel of the last days of Christ, from the palaces of imperial Rome to the strife-torn hills of Judea. The full story of the world’s most dramatic execution, as it affected one of its least-known participants – the man who hurled his spear into Christ on the Cross. For teens to adults.
Walking with Mary Mother of God
To Jesus Through Mary

As we contemplate the words of Stabat Mater, we understand that the sure way to find the joys and sorrows of life in Christ is to go to Jesus through Mary  Here is a small collection of devotional books that will bring you closer to Jesus through the eyes of His Mother Mary.

Lent and Easter with Mary Leads the reader to an intimate encounter with the Blessed Mother. Includes  the origins of Marian prayers and hymns, great miracles and apparitions, and lives of saints devoted to Mary. Brief prayer or biblical text at end of each Mary's Way of the Cross: Walking with the Mother of Jesus A profoundly powerful devotional insight into Mary's unwavering in faith and love. Pray the Stations of the Cross alongside Mary, our Mother. Walk intimately with Christ as Mary did.
Seven Words of Jesus and Mary Lessons on Cana and Calvary Bishop Fulton Sheen. It is not coincidental that Jesus spoke only seven times on Calvary, and that His mother is recorded as speaking only seven times in the Gospels.  "Now that the Sun was out, there was no longer need of the moon to shine. Now that the Word has spoken, there was no longer need of words." Our Lady of Holy Saturday - Awaiting the Resurrection with Mary and the Disciples by Cardinal Carlo Martini. In that period of confusion and sadness after Our Lord's death on the Cross and the joy of the resurrection, Mary waited in faith and hope The Women of the Passion Beginning with Mary Mother of God and Mary Magdalene these reflections unravel the stories of women who accompanied Jesus during his last days and were there as he endured His agony and death on the Cross
Via Crucis  +  The Way of the Cross  +  Stations of the Cross
The Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross is one of the best loved devotions for the Lenten Season. There are many versions for public or private use.  An important indulgence is also attached to this pious practice, originally created for those who walked the Way in the Holy Land.  The modern version does require the presence of images of the fourteen stations. If you cannot make the Stations in Church, use a Stations Rosary or some of the images we've provided. Even smaller holy cards will do.     Read more here Benedict XVI Way of the Cross Pray through the mystery of salvation with Pope Benedict XVI written for this  devotion held on Good Friday at Rome’s Coliseum John Paul II's Biblical Way of the Cross In 1991, Pope John Paul II introduced a new Bible-based interpretation of the Stations of the Cross that invite readers to walk in solidarity with Jesus on his agonizing way of the cross -- from the Garden of Gethsemane to his death and burial
Stations of the Cross Rosary

Perfect to pray at home, during a commute to work during Lent or any Friday or Wednesday

Stations of the Cross Shrine Set 

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 14 pieces made of cedar and stained in walnut. Available in three sizes

Florentine Stations of the Cross Plaque

8" x 10"

My Wounded Hands prays the Way of the Cross, meditating on Christ’s hands in these final moments of an unrelenting ministry of healing and blessing. The Way of the Cross - Sign of Contradiction - John Paul II Walking the Way of the Cross alongside Pope John Paul II, as he meditates upon the great mystery of our redemption, we experience the profound reality that beyond the darkness of every Calvary rests the radiant dawn of Easter joy and hope for all time The Pilgrimage Way of the Cross Beginning with the First Station of Christ's Baptism in the Jordan, along the narrow streets of Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa, through His Crucifixion on Calvary, a day-by-day pilgrimage experience of the sites of the Passion of Christ
The Way of The Cross

Saint Alphonsus Liguori's method is the most popular and well loved traditional Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross

Biblical and liturgical text with traditional woodcut illustrations

Stations of the Cross

Stations of Light

by Ann Ball and Bro. Placid

The traditional stations plus the Via Lucis that follows Christ through Pentecost

The Way of the Cross

Opus Dei - St Josemaria Escriva

A miniature book to take with you everywhere

The Way of the Cross DVD

Passionist Priest Victor Hoagland narrates through the Holy Land, explains the history of the stations, visits Ground Zero and also provides an introduction for children

The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory  Completely helpless, the Holy Souls can do nothing. They are your friends and relatives, trapped in Purgatory. You have the power to release them by praying The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.


Way of the Cross for Families This little booklet will help your family to grow in faith and love by praying the Stations of the Cross together Stations of the Cross for the Elderly

Beautiful illustrations, and extra large type. A message that brings hope and comfort

Stations of the Cross for the Sick Suffering is part of human life. Whether you’re ill or are yourself caring for someone who suffers, you can feel terribly alone. But Jesus is always there with you.
Confession - The Sacrament of Reconciliation - See All Related Books on our Confession Page
Frequent Confession  "To win the battles of the soul, the best strategy often is to bide one's time and apply the suitable remedy with patience and perseverance." So wrote Blessed Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei who tirelessly urged the practice of frequent confession for spiritual advancement. The book is divided into two parts. The first shows the purpose and practice of confession from the aspect of confessor penitent. The second examines the many area where confession applies. Why We Need Confession   In recent decades, the sacrament of confession has withstood attacks against its validity and usefulness and is emerging in our own time as an even more important aid to Christian living. Shaw gives the reasons why, and provides concise rational explanations for what many have realized through their own experience: there is no substitute for divine forgiveness. Excellent  for those who want to go deeper in their appreciation for this sacrament or for those trying to help their friends understand the need for confession How to Profit from Your Faults    Practical guidance for turning imperfections to one's advantage.  Joseph Tissot wrote this book to help readers gain a proper sense of themselves and an accurate perspective on their own failings. Drawing on the wisdom of St. Francis de Sales and other great saints, as well as a rich understanding and broad experience of human nature, Tissot offers practical guidance for the interior struggle
Way of the Cross for Children and Other Children's Resources
Children's Way of the Cross  Specially written to help children enter into the mystery of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection through the retelling of the Passion story. Ages 7-11 The Way of the Cross for Teens Walking with Jesus to Calvary Vivid narratives of Jesus' dramatic walk to Calvary call us to a deeper understanding of Jesus' great love for us. Guided meditations and reflection plus contemporary photos young people can relate to. Stations of the Cross in My Pocket for Children aged 6-8
The Way of the Cross for Children  An international best seller. Its simple reflections are written in contemporary language, yet with much reverence and will appeal to young people I Pray the Stations of the Cross Sensitive illustrations and child-friendly language introduce the Stations of the Cross as a means for children to deepen their love for Jesus and all God's people Stations of the Cross Poster Book for Children

Great for families, classrooms

Stations of the Cross Coloring Book by Father Lovasik.

A creative way for children to learn about the sufferings of Jesus as He approached His death.

Stations of the Cross Posters for Children 16 full-color posters Dimension: 10 1/2" x 16". Features a simple introduction to the Stations of the Cross, traditional 14 Stations and the Resurrection, reproducible prayers for group participation Stations of the Cross Coloring Book on CD Rom  Color all of the Stations of the Cross. Simple and entertaining for children although adults might enjoy creating some works of art also

Giving Up Stealing for Lent

56 years of marriage and 11 children…The Maddens of Baltimore will surprise you, comfort you, make you laugh until you cry, and make you cry until you laugh again! From games of “pitch” to petty thievery, from over zealous confessions to exacerbating obedience, there is truly never a dull moment.

Lent is for Children is a handy booklet which helps young Catholics understand and truly participate in the Lenten season. Some of the basic topics covered in this Lent book for children are: prayer, fasting, sacrifice, reconciliation and Holy Week events.

Lent and Easter in the

Domestic Church         An illustrated book full of activities for children and families to help better understand and celebrate Lent and Easter. This large, spiral-bound volume helps families share the traditions of the liturgical time of year

The Lent - Easter Book

Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs. Projects and prayers to help families create meaningful traditions

Celebrating Lent helps children understand this time of preparation for Jesus’ Resurrection. Full-color illustrations. Only $1.50 Lent Begins at Home

Ideas and activities to help Catholic families share the true meaning of Lent and rejoice in the Easter season.

Lenten Wisdom from Fulton Sheen, St Pio of Pietrelcina, Thomas Merton, St Francis of Assisi and Others
The Fulton Sheen Lenten Book Set   Only $27 Includes Seven Words of Jesus and Mary - Cana and Calvary, The Cross and the Beatitudes, Lent and Easter Wisdom, Meditations and Prayers Lent and Easter Wisdom from Bishop Fulton Sheen  50 passages and accompanying mini-prayers offer readers a practical spiritual program as a retreat from the cares and concerns of a secular world view

Lenten Meditations with Fulton J. Sheen  Each quote is paired with a complementary Scripture verse focusing on the themes of the season--sacrifice, repentance, suffering, prayer, humility, peace--and more. See Also Good Friday with Fulton Sheen DVD

First Fruits of Prayer - Forty Day Journey Through the Canon of Saint Andrew

A guided retreat ideal for the Lenten season

Lenten Meditations with Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Patience, Humility, Hope and Joy are the fruits of spending a few moments each day with Saint Pio will help prepare the heart to receive the Savior this Lenten season. Only $1.95 The Agony of Jesus by Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Remarkable meditations on the Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane by Bl. Padre Pio, the stigmatist priest. One of his few writings. Many pictures of Padre Pio.
Lent and Easter Wisdom from Thomas Merton  Let the words of Trappist monk Thomas Merton lead you through the holy season of Lent and into Easter Lent and Easter Wisdom from Henri J.M. Nouwen  Father Nouwen provides Scriptural meditations and suggested activities for spiritual growth and conversion Lent and Easter Wisdom from Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi Living nearly 800 years ago, St Francis and St Clare  serve as excellent guides for the modern Lenten journey. They abandoned their comfortable lifestyles to  embrace poverty, humility, and penance to follow Christ.
Daily Readings - Lent is a time to turn away from worldliness and lift our eyes to God. That requires discipline. Making a commitment to daily readings during the Lenten season is one way to begin. Here are several daily reading collections that you might like.
Picking Ourselves Up When We Fall   Lent is the Catholic version of New Year's Day when it comes to making resolutions.  We resolve to give up chocolate or cigarettes or to assist at daily Mass in the spirit of penance and for the love of God. Often we fail to keep those resolutions.  This is a good time to study the Seven Last Words
Visual Reminders of Lent As humans, we are tactile and often need visual reminders to help us focus on Lenten mortification or to overcome temptations. We look to images and objects that help remind us of Christ's Passion. First and foremost is the Cross, of course.
Passiontide and Eastertide Music   Although I've spend most of my adult life (until recently) as a Church musician, I find that I prefer silence when meditating, reading Scripture, or praying alone. Others, including my husband, find that seasonal Sacred Music is a help. Here are a few of our favorites.

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