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Christmas Lights

Bring the Light of Christ to the World with Solar and Renewable Power

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Solar and Renewable Energy Christmas Lights

Throughout the world, sparkling lights herald the Christmas season reminding us of Christ, the Light of the World.

How did this custom begin?  Most attribute it to the Germans, who were the first to bring trees into the home for Christmas, decorating them in festive colors and fixing candles to the branches of the Christmas tree.  The rather dangerous tradition spread until the 1800s when the first electric Christmas lights were manufactured.

Many Christians topped their Christmas trees with a star to recall the heavenly light that the Wise Men followed to Bethlehem to find the Newborn King.  It wasn't long before this popular decoration was fitted with a light bulb as well. 

In many homes, electric candles are placed in windows, but most of us no longer recall the meaning. Although they were used by pagans in the celebration of the winter solstice, Christians recognize them as representing a light in the inn to welcome Joseph and Mary in their search for a safe place for the Birth of Our Lord. 

In some areas of Canada, candlelit candelabras shine in memory of deceased loved ones who have gone home to Christ.

Today many homes are so brightly lit that electric meters spin wildly during the season resulting in a frightening electric bill when everything has been packed away.

With concerns about "carbon footprints" and everyone watching their spending carefully, we've found an assortment of solar powered Christmas lights that will last for years without burning watts. 


Real Candles are my own first choice. Something about candles seems to connect us to the time of Our Lord. You can find candles inexpensively in any local shop, but here are some beautiful holders that you might like. And you can certainly use battery operated candles (bottom of page) if you wish. Click titles to see larger photo and prices

 White Alabaster Nativity Votive Candle Holder

Offset with gold detailing and made in Italy, this is the perfect piece to place in the center of your Advent Wreath.

Ruby Glass Votive Light

Gold plated base. Measures 3 3/4" tall. Perfect for use at Christmas and you can use it on your home altar


Nativity Votive Holder in Antiqued Finish

The same beautiful design as on the top, this holder, made in Italy is made of alabaster and finished in an antiqued patina


Nativity Candleholder

Capturing the moment of Christ's Birth, this beautiful resin candle holder will spread warmth. 4 1/2" tall


Nativity Votive Holder

An intricately detailed, hand-drawn pewter nativity scene wraps around a classic votive candle

No Batteries - No Electricity

Glow in the Dark Snowflakes These delicate sparkly snowflakes don't even need a solar panel! Create a welcoming light that displays day and night. Easy to apply and remove. Set of ten 5 1/2" repositionable decals.  Buy Now Holographic snowflakes create a winter wonderland in doorways, on porches or in any other area you choose. One of a kind design consists of two 13" snowflakes and two 10" D snowflakes glisten day and night in mid-air but never reaching the ground to melt. Six-inch lead on top for hanging.  Buy Now

Solar Powered Lights - Use them Year Round to Light Up Your Front Yard Shrine, Too!

Solar-powered decorating lights - no outlet needed! Now decorate anywhere without dangerous extension cords or need for an outlet. Sun charges string of 60 lights by day, turn on automatically at dusk and run for about eight hours! No energy cost! Great near road, around mailbox or lamppost - now you're not limited to nearby outlet. 26' length  Buy Now


Solar-powered light net creates a dazzling display during the holidays without wires or extension cords. Easy to set up and maintain. Simply wrap shrub and you're done! LED lights charge by day and turn on/off automatically when the sun rises and sets (runs up to 8 hours). Requires 1 AAA battery (not included). 50 bulbs per net, stretches to 45 x 36". Perfect for lighting a front yard shrine, too!    Buy Now
Seven Color Programmable Solar Lights Solar-powered programmable lights accent fences, house edgings and shrubs and allow you to choose the color. Great for holidays or parties. No outlet needed, works anywhere in the yard. Flexible wire lets you twist, shape and adjust lights according to the object. Seven color panel options include red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and white. Fifty lights are spaced 2 1/4" apart, total length 23 feet. Buy Now

Solar-powered icicle lights add shimmering beauty during the Christmas season or any time of the year without wires, dangerous cords, or expensive electric bills. You'll have the best-dressed house on the block with this eye-catching string of acrylic 4" "icicles" which look like crystal. Charge by day, stay lit during the night. Set of 24. Requires one AAA battery (not included). 15' overall. Panel rests on roof. Buy Now

Cordless Lighted Wreath - No Outlet Needed! with simulated branches, cones and berries operates on two C batteries (not included) to illuminate the holidays. Features 30 extra long life white LED lights that remain steady or flicker, and an automatic 8 hour on/16 hour off timer. Display this decorative, weatherproof wreath indoors or out. Hang on front door or windows, perfect for mailbox, lampost or mantle. No messy cords. Buy Now Solar Tube Lights - Great to use around your front yard shrine, too. Solar Tube Lights Let Outdoor Areas Glow Without Electricity or need for an outlet. The PVC tubes withstand the elements and include 50 or 102 bright white LED lights to illuminate and accentuate decks, gardens, walk or driveways. Sunlight powers two pre-installed AA batteries, while a built-in sensor turns lights on at dusk. Tubes extend to 22 and 39 feet, respectively  Buy Now
Rechargeable Tea Light Candles  Six rechargeable tea lights There's nothing more romantic than a candle's flame dancing beneath glass, and there's nothing safer than T-light rechargeable candles. No stress, no mess, wax-free lights mimic real flame. Each candle has frosted glass casing (4 1/4 x 2 1/4"), lifetime LED bulbs and port in the included charger. Twelve hours per charge. Buy Now Our Lady of Guadalupe Lights

Not solar powered, but I just loved these! Our Lady of Guadalupe string lights serve as a shining reminder of the Virgin Mary's love and devotion. These heavenly lights make a divine decoration for Baptisms, First Communion and Christmas Tree, or use them year-round indoors or out to bring a blessing to your home or yard.

Easy to use, FAST and Universal for different types of batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V). Powered by an external AC adapter. Intelligent microprocessor controlled With negative delta V (- delta V) cut-off function for better life time battery performance Click title to view or buy

Great deal on a fast charger for both in house and travel charging. Recharges 2 or 4 pieces of Size AAA, AA Ni-MH & Ni-Cd batteries in 2-3 hours. Includes "intelligent" microprocessor controlled charging. Identifies defective cells and has a safety timer for complete overcharge protection. Click title to view or buy

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